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    Ms. Michael

    Hi there are there any other migraine sufferers out there? I’m part of the Migraine Assocation and they send me info every month and they organise Seminars every year.This year they’ve started a Self Help group in the Boyne Valley its on the last Wednesday of every month, next one is the 26th of March at 7.30pm. It’s just a group of sufferers (horrible way of describing ourselves) and we have different topics each month.They even bring the Migraine Specialist Nurse for a chat.It might be worth your while to go.Also next week Wednesday 19th they have a Information Stand in Scotch Hall from 11am till 4pm i think.God i sound like i’m advertising the place don’t i, its just the more the merrier for the self help group.Anyone is welcome.


    I think i’ll let my sister know about that she gets really bad migraine’s,so does my dad but he wouldn’t go to any kind of meetings

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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