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    is anyone looking for a babysitter or a childminder…

    There is a young girl 23 years old, Fully Qualified Level 5 Childcare and Montessori Level 6 Qualifications….

    Has Lots of experience and great with kids, reliable and very friendly…
    Drives and is Local….

    please pm for contact number


    scole, probably best to add this in minder finder, often people in there looking for sitters and minders


    i’m kind off looking for a sitter but i have never left the kids with anyone i don’t know its allways been either my parents / his parents brothers sisters etc never a stranger

    Has any1 used a sitter they didn’t know?? I’m abit weiry

    It would be handy to have someone when we have a family get-to-gether…

    My kids are 6 and 1 are they too young to leave with a sitter thats not related?



    Hi Babygirls,

    I’m not from the area so have always had to get people who are not family members to mind ds. I’ve used 2 girls who are daughters of friends of mine but both in college now so much more difficult to get! I’ll probabally be looking for someone new soon. All I can say is if she has child qualifications it’s a good sign & definitely ask for references & call these people. If she’s good she won’t have a problem with you doing this. If you are worried about someone new minding them you could always do a spot check after an hour…you "forgot" something!
    It important for your sanity to have someone who can helpout every now & then even if it’s just to give you an hour to go to the gym.


    it can be daunting when using a new sitter….i always had my parents and mil, still do but it’s great to be able to go out and have a night with the family and have someone else mind the kids…great….

    i babysat for years, from when i was 11 years old….until i had my own child 24….i remember thinking why are people so wary about who minds their kids, i’m fine with kids, we play i can look after them etc etc….but becoming a parent i understood….

    the main thing is to look out for as you say recoomendations, the fact this girl works in a creche, is trained and has garda clearance…

    the best thign also for you to be comfortable with someone new, (this was done anytime i even took a new babysitting job) was to invite the girl around while you are there, let your children play with her, see how they are with her, even if you are doing laundry etc, you then get to see how she is with the kids and if the kids take to her, then ask her over for an hour while you head out, and build it up over 3 sittings and then you head out for your nights out…

    this was how i always preferred to do it, it meant that i got used to the kids, i wouldn’t panic if they fretted, the parents got to trust me and the kids felt comfortable to be left in my presence allowing the parents to be comfortable too….

    that’s my advice anyway, having been a babysitter, a mom and also working within the childcare area….


    I know i’m a diaster, i’m the same as you i work in childcare aswell…. I should know but when they your own its different

    Though I will take u up on that asking her around to have a chat and see how she is with the kids.


    Hi Scole,

    Some great tips there! I’m getting to the stage too where it would be handy to have a local babysitter, as we can only get out when family come up from dublin and its a real pain if i just need someone for a couple of hours, also means we cant go out with bil/sil etc as a gang, which i really miss. anyway i have a couple of big family events comming up this year and really need to get sorted with a babysitter, so if you could pm details to me that would be great!

    Many thanks.

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