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    Hello there girls
    Just started to get back into reading over the past week (thanks Beams) Im just finished my book and promised it to someone else, time are tight and i am looking for another book to read, i dont mind going into waterstone and spend a small fortune on kids books but begrudge buy books for myself……. anyone looking to off load a few books, will return or recycle
    I love Chick lit easy reads or true crime… not forgetting Patrica Cromwell, but will take anything thats free :lol: :lol: :lol:


    I have some Chick lite – where do you live?

    Le Cheile have a Cake and Book sale tomorrow from 2 – 5pm


    Great idea Taylor. I read Sharon Osbournes autobiography a few years a go and couldnt put it down, must track it down i lent it out so someone ages ago.

    Was just thinking as well, I am one for my OK magazine, plus the rest lol, we could start up a magazine swop too, save a fortune 😀


    oh thanks for that libby, will pop out to the cake and book sale tomorrow.
    Im inDrogheda on the Dublin Road, would love you books and will pass them on to the other girls.


    I have loads that you can have i dont want them back.. You will have to wait till the communion is over so i can root them out for you Ok

    Iv a big black bag full of books that i havent even read yet, When i got pregnant with DS i lost all concentration and can barely read a newspaper 🙄


    have a fab day at the communion Rossy, take loads of photos!!


    hi there,

    I have loads and loads of books that i can give you!! have them all piled up under the bed, keep meaning to bring them to charity shop but yet to do it, so they are all yours if you want them, have all kinds but mostly crime and chick-lit- my favs too!
    I am in grange rath


    Hi there,
    I have pretty much all the patricia Cornwell novels as well as a lot of other true crime books! (little obsession of mine actually)
    Feel free to borrow anytime! Would like them back though! like to re-read!
    Living in trinity gardens though.


    Great idea Taylor! Have a good few books too… did do a huge clear out but kept some back… will get them out for you…

    Trixie – love the idea of swapping mags!!!!


    I have LOADS stored under the bed in my spare room!!! Ill pass them onto ya next time I see ya or you can come and get them hahaha!

    Oh mags I could bloody sell them I buy loads every week, whic I really need to stop doing!


    yummy thats great…

    Travelgirl i sent you a pm, thanks so much for the offer.

    Suzieq thank you very much for your offer but think i’ll go with the chick lits for the moment and leave my true crime obsession on the side for a while… too much doom and gloom at the moment 😉 I keep the true crime ones too as i reread 😆 😆 😆


    Just finished The Matchmaker there today, I bawled at the end and througout the book!! Defo one to read!!


    Thank you Travelgirl for the TRUCK load of wonderful books, didnt know where to start! Well thats my summer sorted 😆 😆 😆
    Oh as well as the books i got a little visitor in the bag…. a FECKIN HUGE spider 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 I nearly had a stroke!!!
    Thanks again for the books and anyboby in need of a free book to read i have loads to pass on now


    check out also the wise owl for second hand books and even some car boot sales and the charity shops, i’ve found great books in great condition for 30c…especially kids books too



    How about a book swap at the Scotch Hall next Tuesday afternoon when the parent & toddler get together is on? We have been suggesting a book swap at the Bettystown Court Friday Swim meet up’s for a while but only one or two girls bring books (I keep forgetting!! 😳 )

    So might work if there were a few of us and we all brought one or two with us?

    I have the Sinead Moriarty books here if anyone wants them?

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