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    Just a quick one. It looks as if we will finally be moving at the end of March / beginning of April to our ‘newer’ home. Yippee!

    At that point we will be looking for careful, long-term tenants for our current, much-loved home in the centre of Dundalk.

    We have been living here for ten years in a three-bed terraced house with a lovely large garden & off-street parking – which is good because there is no need for a car as everything from schools to shopping centres to swimming pools to play grounds and parks are within buggy / walking distance. I absolutely LOVE it, but I bought it as a single woman and it is struggling to cope with a hubby, three small kids and visiting grandparents.

    The house is old, but very comfortable and well maintained. It is IDEAL for a mum with small kids because I designed it to suit ME :D

    I’m just mentioning it here in case it might suit a mumstown member. If anyone is interested, or would like more details, PM me. (Hope this ain’t aainst the rules, Sabbi…)

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