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    Just thought I might ask on here, did anyone hear of a man falling off a ladder in Laytown today or yesterday… he is in serious condition in Beaumount hospital, he is married to a cousin of my mothers and she asked me if I find out any new about his condition to let her know (she had the house number but they are all at the hospital) Mam was out in Beaumount this afternoon and they were told it didnt look good.
    Not 100% sure what church or if he does pass away will it be on lmfm or what the best place to look

    If anyone knows anything (Im not even sure where they live but I know its tom kellys old house in Laytown) will you pm me and let me know….. as my mam will have to come and stay with me and she has students at the moment and is in a panic about finding someone to mind the students iykwim


    taylor 5
    i didnt hear anything but heres Tom Kellys phone number, he might give youthe address to call down to the house you could maybe leave a note for them….i dont know…. 0863817700

    good luck,

    hope hes ok and pulls through xx


    your very good we have the address but its just a house name, mam is ringing me in the morning with the address If I dont know where it is I’ll give Tom a ring, thanks or I might ring the delivery office in Drogheda and ask the lads where the house is

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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