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    Hi there,

    My son has asked for a Rabbit for his 5th birthday this summer.

    I dont really know the first thing about looking after a rabbit so looking for some help.

    > Where is the best place to buy a rabbit & how much are they?
    > how much approx. are huts & which is the best type?
    > what do they eat?
    > can they stay outside in their hut?
    > are they ok to be left alone while im at work?
    > Do they require any visits to the vet?

    Anyone else buy one for their child, did the attraction last or did they get bored of the rabbit?

    Thanks a million.


    My five year old has one, the attraction did wear off, mainly because he cant catch him!
    Collon sanctuary have some, I dont know how much they cost as he was a gift.
    We feed ours the rabbit food from tesco, which is about 7 euro for a big bag, but if its a baby go to a pet shop, its about 3-4 euro for a bag. Then we have hay, and cabbage, kale etc to vary his diet. is great for huts. Ours is still in a cage indoors as it was too cold outsidefor him. We got a cage for about 45 euro with delivery from zooplus.he will be going outside soon enough.
    Theu are fine durimg the day, just make sure u let them out for a run when you come home….watch out for cables etc, they chew through everyting!
    Mine hasnt been to a vet yet, my sister who also has rabbits said they dont get sick that often.

    Hope this has been some help!


    we used to have one, he was a lopeared rabbit with long ears, so cute but expensive as he cost 50 quid (but that was before the recession!!)

    we had him for a few years and he was grand, ate carrots & lettuce mostly and was never sick. he got a bit rough after a few years on his own so we brought him to an animal far, where he mated like mad!!

    we went to visit him a few times there, he lived a long time!

    its an easy enough pet to look after and cheap to have. huts are not expensive, about 20 quid. just look around a few places to get a good one at good price.

    do you have a shed or garage you can pop his hut in during winter & at night? we used to put thumper in each night – when we could catch him…thats one difficult thing about bunnies, they are fast little buggars and can be hard to catch!!


    Used to have a rabbit like sabbi loped eared lovely rabbit but we we advised to house with guinea pigs big mistake he used to attack when he got frisky
    We had his hutch and then a run made for him we would have to move it about the garden as he would burrow we would let him out when we would get Home but had to keep an eye out so the lOcal cats wouldn’t get at him
    After abouta year or do we gave him away to a family that had a lot of space and other rabbits
    There is enough work in maIntaing the hutch keeping clean changing bedding and giving him something to naw at rabbits are lovely but the novelty wears off
    Think carefully before you buy they are lovely to cuddle but after awhile kids get bored and you have to do all the cleaning out etc
    Sorry to give grim account of being a rabbit owner


    im not saying anything but i did expect HMM to have posted something up here 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆


    my sister had one and to be perfectly honest she said never again.
    We’re not big into animals but her daughter begged her so she got it. At first it was fine but kids did lose interest and it was left to my sister to clean etc. Like Scole said she had a hutch with a run in it and he kept burrowing out of it ended up having to move to the side in the garden where he couldn’t! He escaped so often and catching him wasn’t fun! She said she didn’t regret having him BUT when he died after 6/7yrs she said she’d never replace him.


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    Taylor – you are filthy woman!!

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