anyone had a christening allternative?!?

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    hey mums,

    we really do not want to christen our baby who is 4 months but are getting our heads wrecked by very catholic grandparents on both sides..we don;t feel that the catholic religion is something that we would like our daughter to be brought up in with no offence to any catholics but we just don;t feel its for us.So we were wonderin if anyone has had an alternative…someone suggested getting the grandparents to bless the baby here in the house..but I was just interetsed to hear if anyone else has had the same experiance and what did they do.I would love to have a party to celebrate our babys arrival but not sure how to do it?!?


    Im lookin for some suggestions myself,i am a catholic but i dnt really want a christenin in a church.I would like some type of blessing weather it be in my hme or some other venue,was jus wonderin if anyone had any suggestions cos i do want to mark the birth of our baby.


    I’m not catholic, but my mother in law is very.
    We did not christened our kids.
    But I do feel we missed a bit on the "new arrival party", but it’s long gone (kids are 6+ and 5).

    For our wedding (before the kids), once again not in a church, my MIL went to the church for her and bless our union, she might have done the same for our children.
    A priest was invited to the wedding diner.
    I guess it made up a bit for us not going to the church.
    They are very religious, and involved with the local church.
    We were with them at christmas, and once again she did invite the priest to join us for lunch.

    So if you can organise a party and have a priest invited, or just ask the baby grand-parents to go to a mass and ask the priest to bless this baby (from distance) and a candle reprensenting the baby,
    ( or it can be a branch of olive tree, or any symbol of peace and love, or the new outfit) and have that candle light-up at your party.

    Now my daughter’s friends are going to have the communion next year , we’ll have to explain a bit more our choices (we’ll let our children decide when they’ll be old enough to do so). But she’ll have a party, a new dress (probably pink, because it’s a favorite colour), but not the church part.
    My MIL brings her to church 2/3 times a year, so she’s got a clue, but she’s not raised catholic.

    Often religion is mixed (not saying confused) done with a party, and if not religious the excuse of a party is less there. But, the party is the party, the religious part is with it but not linked to it.
    I’m not clear, but I understand myself 😆 😆



    you could have a naming ceremony and to appease your parents, have the baby blessed with some holy water.

    This way, you can have family & friends over while you name the baby, appoint guardians or godparents and then have a party afterwards. 🙂


    Thanx for the suggestions,think im gona go wit the naming ceramony at home and get my MIL to bless the baby with some holy water she is very religious and im sure she would be honoured.Thanx again. 😀


    Hi there i am just wondering what you did in the end, did you have a naming ceremony at home.
    I am in the same situation as you. my inlaws expect a catholic christening and i am not a catholic. The whole thing is a nightmare. I think my boyfriend would have them christened to keep them happy but not because we intend in taking the child to church.
    I would be happy to have no christening or naming ceremony but am willing tomeet them half way in order not to upset them. I would like something at home, maybe in the garden, planting a tree and poems read.
    Any advice would be great cheers !!!!! 😀


    We had naming ceremonies where there was a house party, cake and all the relatives and corresponding fanfare..the local parish priest did a blessing ceremony as well.

    My mom did a Buddhist blessing and then the kids got their buddha amber teething necklaces placed on them where they have been ever since.


    I haven done anything yet but im planning on a naming cermony in june and asking close friends and family to the house i decided that my mil will bless the baby and we wil finish the day wit a bbq.It will b small and casual and hopefully pleasing everyone.
    gud luck wit ur decision hope it all works out well for you.


    I think it is very important for a child to be baptize because that is what was taught to us since we were kids as part of the 7 sacraments. But I think it would still depends on us parents what we really think is the best for our child.. 🙂

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