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    Hi Everyone,

    Hit the sales today in Belfast and walking through the Castlecourt I noticed a new shop called Happy Feet…. inside it has tanks of fish on the floor and people put their feet in to get their hard skin eaten away.

    I have heard of it before but I would have thought it would be something you would want to do in private…. not in the middle of a shopping centre with a full plate glass window and everyone gawping at you as they walk past.

    They have gimmicky towels and everything on sale inside.

    I have to admit I did gawp a bit, wasn’t sure I was seeing what I thought I could see, lol…


    Would love to try it out, but not in a Shopping Centre in view of everyone… yuch.. 😆 😆


    They do this at beauty events to, my aunt and sister had it done in the RDS in front of loads of people (my mum and I ran a mile from it, looks so yuk!)

    in fairness, their skin was very soft afterwards but I’m not into the idea of little fish eating the dead skin off my feet….eughhh!!


    oh yuck yuck i’ve heard of it alright but i’ve a hard time cleaning the gold fish never mind putting my feet into a tub with fish of i’m getting shivers here at the thoughts of it!


    lol glad to hear its not just me been squeemish, lol


    its meant to be brilliant… you can get it done here in Drogheda in The Townhouse Spa on Fair street, im sure someone will have the number..


    Ive seen it on Xpose before and theres no way I could do that. For one I have very ticklish feet and secondly Ewwww.


    I AM gonna get this done this year, said I would last yr but never got round to it…

    Just saw yest on my fb, a Czech friend of mine (living in Uk years) was visiting Prague and her 7yo dd had a go of this in shop window of salon! Said it drew loads in to the salon! So must be a lot of cultural differences in respose to the practice!!!

    Tho can’t c y her dd would need it, feet certainly not as hard used as mine! Maybe it was just for the tickles!


    i dont like the idea but skin on feet a problem now, never had hard skin and dont like it at all…. might give the fish a go too

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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