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    As the title says….

    I have been told that i will have to have a planned cs. I was going to go the private route (had just one visit so far) but can’t really afford it if I’m totally honest – well lets say it would be a real struggle to come up with guts of 3K.

    I am 4 mths gone already, so wondering has anyone decided to change over at this stage to public care, but under the same consultant. Also if they were to have a planned section did they actually get that consultant doing the csection?

    Pls help as I’m due another ‘private’ visit shortly and I’m up the walls as to what to do at this stage!

    Thanks v much




    Honesty is the best policy. Tell them your financial situation has changed and that you can no longer afford to go private and they will switch you over to public. I would suggest you call before this appointment and let them know – if you go to a ‘private’ appointment, they may well charge you for that.

    Don’t get stressed over it, just call them up and explain and they will understand; it won’t be the first time they are hearing this because many people are in this situation now that they are changing their minds and going public. I have gone public and private and honestly, don’t think its worth the money at all.

    Call them today and get it overwith and then you’ll feel better. Because you are having a planned c-section, you will be well looked after.

    HTH – Best of luck and let us know how you get on.



    why don’t you speak to the obyn and see if they can do it for less- most of them will agree to keep their private patients….worth a try

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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