Anyone been to ARGC in London For treatment??

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    Hi there,

    Just wondering if anyone has been to the ARGC fertility clinic in London for treatment?

    If so, where did you stay while having treatment?

    My friend is having treatment there but sadly this cycle wasbeen cancelled. I went over to London with her during the week for a follow up appointment. Where she is renting is grand, its an apartment near paddington station but she has to get underground to clinic.

    She hopes to start again in March but I just dont like the idea of her doing that trip on the underground day in, day out alone while she is having treatment as she may be ill & should be really looking after herself. It would be so much better if she could just walk to clinic. And the underground is sufficating hot (even in jan). Her dh has to work so can only be there at weekends.

    She has tried to find a self catering studio/ apartment closer but says that they are soooo dear. Hotel really not suitable. God someone must have something they could rent to her for a month/ five weeks thats reasonably affordable?? It would be great if she was within walking distance – somewhere in Marylebone.

    Anyway, just looking for ideas.


    oh thats such shame Mary yr friends cycle was cancelled… 🙁

    i cant really help personally but have you thought of putting a similar post on a uk fertility message board such as fertilityfriends etc?? may be some people more local to london that can make suggestions..

    i would also worry about your friend & i know you said she did IVf before but is she aware of symptoms of over stimulation OHSS?? thats always a worry when i hear of anyone doing IVF…as you know with me I got OHSS and i spent over an hour on floor one day in agony & couldnt breath waiting for DH to get home to drive me to hospital…i didnt know what was happening to me if I did then i would of rang an ambulance straight away….as it can be very serious…not to frighten your friend but just make sure she asks clinic for their OHSS procedure & let them know she may be completely alone on occasion…

    anyway serious OHSS is rare enough so i am sure she will be fine…wishing her the very best when she does get started again..hopefuly all for a reason & march is most fertile month of year in old celtic calendar 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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