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    Hi all

    This might sound strange my dd is in ms burkes class junor infants in scoil oilbhear naofa & she is having a b"day party on sat & she wants to invite all her class mates!!

    Problem is that dd gets the bus to school & back so i dont no any of the parents & dd just informed that she is not allowed to hand out invites in class!


    DD has been invited to her class mates partys before so i just want to return the favour :D


    My daughter goes into the gaelscoil (senior infants) and it’s the same situation : bus and not allowed to hand invitations.

    Last year I was that crazy woman asking around for phone numbers. Got some at the end, and she had 3 friends from her class.

    So if anyone know how to contact parents you’ve never seen, you’ll never see let me know.

    Hope you’ll manage to contact her friends.

    I tried to suggest to have a list of phone numbers from parents who wants to share it with others parents from same class only, but the persons I told about it didn’t seems interested (their kid was nat on the bus and did’nt see the problem….)
    and it’s not down to the school to do such a list as privacy issues and all.

    In a school I work (as visiting french teacher) if you want to invite the WHOLE class the teachers will give the invitations.
    Schools don’t want a distribution in the school as some kids are never invited (like dd, got 2 invitations last year, 1 being a invitation back to the one she gave) and it’s not fair and can cause problems.

    Try to see if teacher (send her a note if you can’t see her in time) could put invitations in schoolbags from her class.

    Best of luck,


    thanks fabienne

    I no ,its so difficult, dd wants me to drive her to her friends hse & hand deliver invites but i dont no where they live!! I can understand the teachers not liking invites to be handed around if whole class is not been invited but i always make it a point to invite all the class dont like leaving any child out!!

    I just hope i can find a few mammies or daddys as i work & cannot get to the schgool myself!! poor dd will be gutted if i cannot sort this out for her!! 🙁 😯


    ah that’s awful, i can see how the school don’t want to get involved but as fabienne suggested perhaps send a note to the teacher and ask her if would it be possible, explain situation…

    hope she gets to invite her friends….


    Maybe its to stop "I got an invite and you didnt" crap in the classroom

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