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    Hey there

    what is the story with winding??? Oh my god its the hardest part of the whole feed, sleep ritual…

    my 4 week old is very hard to wind…he doesnt cry or anything so i dont think its colic, but he just won’t burp or fart and i know hes in a bit of discomfort cause when i put him down he makes loads of noises in his sleep….

    Are there any tips or advice or secrets you can share with me to make this winding easier…



    hi chikcpea gosh i don’t miss winding!!!!!!!
    my sil swore on getting babs as straight as possible – use your forearm – ie place babies chin/jaw in your hand in crook between thumb & forefinger then baby should lie the lengtht of your arm, rock babs back and forth gently while rubbing back – hope that makes sense.

    another thing is to lie them accross your knees on tummy – i don’t like idea of this as babs full belly etc… but i did use it at times.

    DD2’s favourite position was up as high as possible on my shoulder – was almost as if my shoulder pressing against her belly brought the wind up iykwim

    my mil used to say tap on bab’s back with tips of your fingers rather than rub

    hope something there helps and i’m not telling you all the things you’ve tried already 😉


    Hold baby upright against your shoulder and make gentle but firm circular rubs on his back and then follow that with a few good taps. Don’t be afraid to tap well, not too light or it wont come out.

    Another tip is to lie baby flat on his back and gently push his knees towards his chest. Up and down a few times like this should bring out plenty of wind (down the other end too!!!)

    Baby massage is brilliant for wind, there is a great massage movement you can do called the ‘I love you’ tummy massage. You gently press your finger on his tummy and write out ‘I’ ‘sign for love heart’ and then an upside down ‘U’ and this helps with digestion and helps them poo.

    Alternatively, when I could not get it up myself, I would hand baby to my husband! He was always great at getting the wind up (as he has just reminded me whilst reading this post!!)

    Give him some drinks of luke warm water, just a few sips every now and then to help his digestion. Some people recommend putting sugar in the water but we did it without the sugar.

    Don’t worry, you’ll soon be flying. Make sure to try lots of different things until you find what works best for you & babs. Its quite a learning curve isn’t it??!!! 😀 😀 😀


    My dd was great at winding. You just sat her up straight and most of the time, she did it herself. Definately have to get the back straight. She also had a little point on her belly, between her ribs, where the ribs curve out – if you gave this a little rub, she always got her wind out.

    My ds was a little harder – prone to gulping down as much as possible, then very hard to wind as he would puke. I would give half bottle, the get as straight as possible – which is easier on the shoulder for some, the a good rub.


    Thanks guys,

    At this stage id try anything…when i feed him through the night in between his sleeps he does be making awful noise in his sleep…my mam thinks i may not be winding him for long enough but i spent an hr the other night winding and got nothing from him…I’ll defo try all these…i was bending him over a little but thats obviously what i may have been doing wrong..ill have to keep him straight after the next feed and see how it goes..

    I love the I love you massage, thats ssoo cute 🙂 ill be trying that as well..your right sabbi its all learnign what works for him. god love him, hes just over his bath and fast asleep…

    another question, do you wake a baby to feed them or let them wake themselves??


    Hi Chickpea

    I dont think i can add any more winding tips as the ladies said all the things i did with Hailey.

    On sleeping babies- i wouldnt wake them to feed unless any health professional has told you that your son needs to put on weight.we had to feed Hailey every 3 hours when she got out of hospital as the doctors werent happy with her weight loss.but if you dont have this problem i would definitely leave him sleep & he will let you know when hes hungry.

    I cant believe he is a month old already,well done new mum 😀


    Thanks haileysmum…

    i know i cant believe hesa month already as well…and believe me he is not loosing weight at all, hes a little chunky and so so cute… 😀 😀

    thanks for all the tips..i just fed him at 7 and spent 1 and half hrs winding…hes very unsettled…and sometimes he brings up a bit of milk that he holds in his mouth and then re-swollows, it makes me think hes going to choke and im very nervous about it….is this normal…


    hi chickpea on sleeping babies – i woke during the day if necessary at 4hr intervals didn’t happen very often but if they’d gone 4 hrs i would just lift them and start feed and they’d usually wake – i believe it helpped with getting them into routine BUT At night time however i never ever woke my two to feed at night.

    on the winding def try keeping babs as straight as possible. And bringing the two legs up like sabbi said helps too

    tis all trial and error what works for one won’t necessarily work for the next – you will find what works for your little man 😉


    Sorry didnt have time to read all the replies, so i may be just repeating what someone said.

    I found lying baby on back & bringing their knees up to their chest helped, also moving their leges like they are slowly riding a bicycle worked too. My daughter had colic & this helped.


    Likewise – haven’t read every single reply as boys up and down like loonies tonight.

    Try ‘dangling him like a leaf’! Sounds dramatic, but that was my sister’s description of it!

    Hold him with his back (& head) against you tummy, your arm under his
    armpits and let him hang there as you walk up & down. Was the only was to burp my DS2. Think it just allowed all his insides to stretch – often farted quite dramatically! Sounds like he would be very uncomfortable just hanging there, but DS1 loved it & would happily doze in that position….

    Other thing is an osteopath (proper trained one ideally specialising in children). DS2 improved a lot in this area after two visits to an osteopath & some massaging of his ribs which according to the man were a bit out of place


    What food is he on?

    When you feed, do you stop a few times during the feed to wind? What kind of bottle are you using and what flow teat? How is he regarding feeding, does he gulp the bottle down or fussy when feeding.

    The grunting in the sleep is very normal, mine would do this when working on a poo. If he is sleeping well then the wind isnt that bad iykwim. Why are you spending 1.5 hours winding a baby that hasnt any wind? He is sleeping and not crying, maybe he is just one of those babies who will work his own wind out.
    Dont worry about the bit of sick, they dont choke on it, this sounds terrible but they just eat it back down…. blugh!

    The knees to the tummy is great

    A bit of Oil on your hands and rub the tummy in circular motions.

    I found sitting ds upright on my knee, supporting his chin with one hand and the other hand on upper back/ head and just lying him forwards and backwards, just nice gentle movements, it only takes a few movements to get any wind moving. What you are trying to do is raise any balls/trapped wind to the top of the tummy and then let it release. Just imagine a bubble in a shampoo bottle and when you tilt it forward and back the bubble moves up and down the bottle……
    PS you are doing a great job! There is no trick to mastering it, its just about trying to figure out what works and believe me most of the mums will tell you, it aint easy x


    Dead right! If a baby has wind, it hurts & the tummy can be a bit hard. You will know all about it, coz he’ll roar his head off. If there’s no roaring, there’s no pain. Not all babies belch – some let it out gracefully & silently from the other end. And some babies are just better at drinking without swallowing a tonne of air.

    As much as you can, relax & enjoy your time with your little treasure. There was certainly nothing bothering him on Tues! He slept like a log – I didn’t get even one measly cuddle…..

    And some babies certainly do grunt & make all kinds of pushing noises & facial expressions when pooping. One of mine used to snort like a little piggy 😀

    Baby is grand in general
    – if he is eating well & regularly
    – if he is keeping (most of it) down (all babies spit a bit)
    – if he is getting plenty of good, wet nappies & regular soft poopy ones
    – if he has no temp
    – if he appears alert when awake
    – if he sleeps pretty soundly when asleep
    – if he’s not roaring & all above apply (NB babies can roar and be absulutely fine!)

    Keep us updated on progress…


    oh poor pookie your still here…. 🙁 🙁 I was hoping your baby would have made an appearance by now…not long now..fingers crossed for you 😀 😀

    taylor, i have him on aptimal for hungry baby, 😀 he gulps down the first 1-2 oz and then doses a little…he takes the rest a bit slower thank god cause i panick when hes gulping cause im afraid hes going to choke…I do stop every oz and try to wind….im using avent bottls and number 2 teeth cause he was sucking and getting nothing on no1..

    We’ve been spending ages winding cause my mam and dh mam said we arent getting up the wind and thats why hes making all those noises in his sleep…tbh ive tried the legs stretching and bike riding and it seems to be moving some wind with a big belch thank god…ill defo try the leaf one pookie and see how it goes…today i gave him some boiled water and brown sugar…haha hes in his crib and hes just let a big ripper as im typing…lol….i thought all babies had loads of wind but maybe he just doesnt have too much of it..he doesnt cry, if i put him down with some he wind still inside him he will get a bit aggitated and fussy so i lift him and he passes it…

    oh dear god please dont tell me im just being a fussy mammy, i promised myself i wouldnt be one of those..aaahhhh


    Think everyone ‘fussy’ with new babies. They seem so small & fragile. I remember when my first was about 12 hours old, I was changing his nappy & he started pooping, weeing & spitting at the same time. I didn’t know where to start. I totally panicked & in tears called a nurse – talk about a twit. The nurse was lovely & didn’t make me feel like an idiot. ‘Airways first & work down! They’re tougher than they look, dear. Chances are they’ll break you long before you break them.’ She was right – but I bet I’ll still be up in the middle of the night checking that the baby is breathing & fretting that (s)he is not getting enough to drink / putting on enough weight etc etc

    Think it is the mammy gene….


    Ha ha id have lost my life pookie…Ds puked his milk the other day and i handed him to my sister very fast, so fast in fact he ended up spewing all over her, she was wearing a lowesh top and needless to say the spew went all down her boobies…her 2 daughters were in stitches laughing… 😀 😀

    I just freak cause im afraid he will choke….my 8yr old neice said to me yesterday, "your just not used to sick, but ill help cause i am" i asked her how she was used to it and she said eh duh…and pointed to her 3yr old sister…haha

    pookie your still here whats the story, your little bundle is too cosy in your tummy….he/she doesnt want to come out…with this weather i dont blame them…lol…thinking of you…xoxox

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