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    Ok, ladies (and gentlemen!), here’s a unusual one for ye!

    Let’s just say a shipping company goes into receivership. It has ships in various locations all over the world (big, big, expensive ships!!)

    One ship is currently 20 odd miles from land, out of fuel & those on board have been denied permission to disembark by that country, although they are being supplied with food & water. Two weeks later & the situation hasn’t changed….

    Anybody know what’s likely to happen next? …….
    Are they all likely to spend the rest of their days on the vessel?…..
    Any experts in maritime law out there??? …

    Surely someone out there, knows someone, who might have been in a similar situation…..


    no havent been in similiar situation 😉 but someone in maritime division of dept, transport may be able to help – 670 7444


    Will try. Ta!

    Men – not safe to let out on their own!! 😀


    God Pookie thats a terrible situation for those seamen to be in. I hope it gets sorted soon for all involved.

    I cant understand why they wouldnt be allowed dock in the nearest country surely there are international rules and regulations regarding situations like this.

    Could you try to contact the Dept of Foreign Affairs and see if they can point you in the right direction?


    Two weeks later, they’re still stranded. Conditions basic.

    Anyone know a lawyer specialising in international maritime law?


    Try to contact the press it could make things moving a bit.

    Hope it gets sorted sooner rather than later.

    Keep us posted.



    Not a clue!! Sorry.
    Are they in international waters? If only 20 miles from the country i would imagine they are in their waters, does that country have an Irish Embassy?

    Didnt something like this happen down in Cork last year? Didnt the Irish Government allow some seamen into the country and arranged their transport home

    I do think the media would love this type of story… Joe Duffy is your only man


    gosh pookie hope it gets sorted soon
    joe duffy will highlight it alright
    other than that no help to you sorry


    Hi Pookie2,
    Why not try posting this problem over on (no offence to us Mumstowners!)? A few of the regular posters over there are legal experts and you may get quick advice.
    Failing that – contacting the media may be another option.
    Any luck with the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources? Sure our very own Fergus O’Dowd is in there and he’s very down to earth and approachable AFAIC.


    No answer from dept of marine’s phones yet. Reception ‘unmanned’. Will try again on Mon & had forgotten about mr o’dowd….

    Lads don’t want lots of publicity – they’re shy! 😆 Think some worried that it might affect later job prospects….

    That said I’M losing patience.

    I’m learning lots about international maritime law though! They are on a ‘deadship’ ( a ship with no fuel etc totally dependent on other ships) & matters are complicated by the fact that the shipping company is registered in one country, but is sailing under the flag of another. Also, the ship is now in a third country’s waters & god only knows where the bank which has put them into receivership is based…..

    I’ve passed on info about international maritime lawyers to them & now just have to wait my next instructions!!

    Will try askaboutmoney.

    They might appreciate home comforts more aftfer this drama!


    have u tried the seamans union for support ❓


    Silly question, butif they had fuel would they be allowed to go to a port and disambark?
    If so why other ships give them food and water and not a bit of fuel to reach the coast (which one is the nearest?)


    seaman’s unionm know about it.

    Think the rations are coming from port authorities or from mariner welfare gruops. Seems port don’t want to risk ship being stuck there indef. Can’t land til finances sorted….

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