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    Hi all,

    Wondering if you could point me in the right direction. Car needs a service ASAP and it’s finding the time to organise it and finding a day where I can manage without it. i know a normal service normally only takes an hour or so but one of the lights gone and bumper has to come off to change it unfortunatley. :roll:
    So if you know anyone who’d do it next week and maybe collect and deliver it, that’d be great.


    hi beamam, we have always used a & j piper up beside the kangaroo klub and always found them good, hth 🙂


    I had my car in with TD Cadwell but past the NCT centre, they were amazing! They dropped me home and gave the car a full clean. The job i was getting done was over 250 euro cheaper getting done here.
    There garage is state of the Art and they were so nice, hate to go into a garage and be treated like a "thick woman"….. will NEVER use Blackstone motors again after the guy wouldnt let me reverse MY car out of the place!!!!!!!

    Did use another garage a few weeks ago over the other side of town, guy on Bredin Street, where the old holcroft motors garage was, cant think of his name, brilliant job and no messing


    We use Dave Marron – he is up beside Funtasia – very helpful, honest and reasonable!


    We use Dave Marron too Yvonne – he’s v. good 😀


    Thanks for the replies girls, I’ll give them all a buzz in the morning and see who can fit me in first. thanks again 😀

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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