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    I’m a very proud Mammy today, DD did really well and went out last night with her friends for a chinese meal and onto a teenage disco was home here around 11.00.

    Just noticed when I was in town (Dundalk) last night how quiet it was, having witnessed previous years celebrations (drunken teenagers, gardai in Riot Helmets, etc.) I was worried about her being out at all and I was so relieved. No students on the streets at all.

    Just made me wonder have we turned a corner?


    Well done to your daughter 🙂

    super minder

    well done to all the kids. dundalk was very quite at the weekend people dont have the money these days xxxxxxx


    well done to your dd……


    Well done to your daughter!


    That’s great sparklycake, fair play to her. its so much hard work for them and its great to see them doing well. 🙂


    Certainly was quieter that LC result night – I live in the middle of old Dundalk. Wld love if we’d turned a corner.

    I teach SPHE at second level & drug awareness (including cigarettes, alcohol etc) & sex ed etc form a big part of it. I’m lucky that it is supported hugely by our school management.

    Any parents out there, encourage your children to view it as a valuable subject, rather than a doss coz there’s no exam.

    That’s why it is one of only 4 compulsory subjects up to JC year… & if your kids aren’t doing it – demand to know why.

    Sorry, proud mammy, went off on a tangent there. Nearly forgot to say congrats & well done!


    well done to ur dd 😀

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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