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    hi all,

    if anyone has any issues they would like to air please PM me, I am in the office at the paper all day today so would welcome any suggestions….

    thanks as always for all your ideas and comments



    what about doing a piece on how chivellery(sp) is now dead or is it?? there once was a day when peopleperfect strangers would open a door for you, or stand back and let a struggling mother pushing a buggy through a door… you if you dropped your shopping……help someone cross the road…..let an elderly person sit in a seat on a full bus…..i find that people are getting ruder and ruder and grumpier as the years go by……dare to ask for help you’ll get looked at…..

    the best thing to do is to stage a few things see how many people help you with things, like opening a door when your hands are full, or pushing a buggy, drop a bagfull of shopping and see who helps you gather your things, ask for the time of the bus or exchange a euro for 2x50cents…..people i feel are becoming colder and less considerate to those around them, which is very sad to see…..

    i experienced this the other day getting on the train, my dh and i with ds in buggy were staning wating train pulled up and we were right at the doors, about to get on a 2 women in their 50’s who arrived after us barged their way onto the trian i pushed dh forward and myeself as she was pushing us out of the way and then looked me up and down in disgust…..what about the day you waited at the bus top etc in a q and respected the natural flow of the line nowadays you litterly have to push your way through bus/train doors to get in regardless if you were first in the q…..

    RANT OVER 😆 😆 😆


    now that would be very interesting to see the results

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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