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    Hi ladies
    I am not sure whether anyone can advise me on the following but any ideas would be really greatful. My little fella is 2.5yrs old and he is generally a very good fella and does what he is told and you could bring him anywhere up to a couple of weeks back. Now he is just throwing wobblers out of the blue for no reason at all and i really not sure what to do. I have read up on it and they say just ignore him and let him thrash it out but the problem i have is he is very very clingy with me that i cant even move a foot away from him as he has strapped himself on to me and he just screaming and nothing works. I am ashamed to say that now I have resorted to locking him in his room for a few mins so i can destress myself. My partner cant help as my little fella gets worse as all he wants is me ( thats another issue ). We have tried timeouts, reason with him, bribing him ( sometimes ) ignoring him and other stuff but it doesnt work. he gets himself so worked up his whole body is red all over and I find that extremley upsetting. We are not stubborn people so I dont know where he gets it from. I am at my wits end, I cant cope with the constent screaming in my face to get his way. Please advise.


    Been there done that and have the dirty tshirt…. its just an age thing, sometimes is just them trying to express them selves but dont really know how to put into words. just keep trying all the above and you will find something that works



    He WILL come thru the other side, you just have to be waiting there with open arms. In the meantime, just be consistent, avoid giving him mixed messages at all costs. Defo ignore all behaviour you don’t want and praise the behaviour you do want. You largely doing this anyway by the sounds of things, so give yourself a break.

    That whole clinging to you thing, my ds (3 next week) does that, v weird for me as dd (6 next week) never even contemplated this. I just keep peeling him off, getting down on his level and giving him a distraction, often works (eventually). And then I try and "catch him being good" ie praise, hugs and kisses for simple good behaviour (sometimes I am scrabbling round for opportunities right enough!).

    But you are tying hard and keeping your cool with distance when it sounds like you are sorely tested at times, so give yourself some credit.


    My seven year old was so good never stepped out of line now my second is just horrendous she screams clings and crys. I find deep breaths very good just breath in through your nose and out through your mouth and count to twenty. i,ve done this in a supermarket while she was screaming and attached to my leg. It,s very calming and you are more able to deal with the situation. [/b]


    I don’t believe in stereotyping but my experience is that boys tend to be alot more clingy as youngsters (and many poor woman can verify that it doesn’t end!!!)..I had a dreadful time trying to separate him from me from an early age, he wouldn’t go with anyone (even daddy) and would get hysterical…starting playschool was a nightmare…but it will pass and I agree that where possible ignore the negative and praise the positive…and IGNORE other people!! Nothing worse than being out and your little angel having a tantrum and some aul one giving you a dirty look!!!! 👿 :evil:When my weeman was about 2yrs we were out shopping when he had a hissy fit..this aul biddy actually tutted and muttered how bold he was…yeah, she was right but HELLO!! The best advice I could give is to BREATH and IGNORE…I’ve yet to see a 20yr old clinging to his mammy’s leg and having a tantrum so it must pass!! And if all else fails, LAUGH!! 🙄


    My god girls thank you so much for your replies. I am a bit calmer now. I know all toddlers are generally the same but sometimes when you had bad episodes like I have had the past two weeks you just want somebody to give you a solution to stop them and that it just not going to happen. All your advice was spot on and its what I do. Its just nice to know your doing similiar to what others are doing then you know your on the right path so thanks again.

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