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    Ok so with just 3 weeks and 2 days left i am well and truely ready to meet my baby..and thats asuming i dont go over by 2 wks..aahhh :(

    im in agony, my hips are in bits, i have carpel tunnell in both hands, not sleeping and im just fed up.. :cry: :cry:

    ive been doing the bouncy ball, wouldntbe bothered with the sex thing dont think i could manage it to be honest and my dh would loose his life if i suggested it :lol: :lol: :lol: im the size of a house and wouldnt know where to start..haha

    is it just a waiting game…i hate waiting aahhhhhhh


    unfortunately chickpea as my mam says babs will come when babs is ready! I was induced on my dd1 39+6days because my blood pressure was high and i had threatened pre-eclampsia – but because my dd was totally covered in hair that dissapeared in a few days – my mother is convinced that she wasn’t ready to be born. the last few weeks are frustrating and especially if your feeling uncomfortable they can seem quiet long.

    Try to keep busy – make a list of dvds you want to watch ( i still haven’t watched all on my list 6yrs later!). Go get pampered if you can, alot of salons of mam to be packages.
    Trying to get babs moving – the ball is good -i was advised to use it as a seat when reading or watching TV – i don’t think it helpped baby to come but it does help them to be heading in right direction. Lots of walking if you can.

    Enjoy the next few weeks – i know it’s easier said than done but try not to count the days 😉 Dying to hear your news when the time comes


    Patience woman!! Enjoy the last of your ‘me’ time. Your time will never be your own again!

    The last days may drag, but even if it does mean an extra two weeks, you’re better to go naturally that be induced (unless medical reason for it etc). Generally, once the medics get involved everything can slow down.

    Walk, sex, spicy food, drives over bumpy roads – think all old wives tales.

    Keep busy – are you SURE you have all those hospital bags packed correctly? The labour one? The ward one? The baby’s one? Need any equipment? Got plenty of clothes for afterwards? Meet friends, do hair, get pedicure, manicure, facial, massage….

    Oh, reflexology & accuptuncture are supposed to help move things on….. Gotta go. Toddler roaring….


    When the apple is ripe it will fall!!! 😆 😆

    ha ha, sorry, could not resist that one, my Nanny used to say that to me and it used to drive me mad! But in fairness, its true, babs will come only when he or she is ready. You do not want to be induced unless absolutely necessary because if you are induced, it can mean other interference’s with labour so try to go naturally, when baby is ready.

    Sex can help, just do it in the ‘spooning’ position so you do not have to be too active – admittedly, its not very passionate but it can help get things moving! Pineapple, raspberry leaf tea, hot spicy dishes, tonic water are all old wives tale for getting baby to come.

    Personally, I went for reflexology and this helped me enormously. I went to Lisa Dillon in Drogheda, she is so lovely. Catherine McAllister is fab too, they really help you relax and feel as comfortable as is possible at this stage and it helps you sleep, which is a miracle in the last few weeks.

    Brisk walking can help too. I walked alot on my last pregnancy, two days before she was born, I did a 3km walk. It helps get baby in position for blast off!! She had the decency to come 4 days early and I was might grateful for that!!

    Its hard at the end,you want to meet baby so badly but you just have to wait it out. Maybe give yourself some projects to do, like putting photos into albums, or getting your nether regions & toenails etc tidied up (you brought that one on yourself!) or cooking meals that you can freeze now to eat after baby arrives. Believe me, a few lasagnes, soups & casseroles in the freezer come in so very handy after the birth when you don’t much feel like cooking but want proper dinners.

    Hope you don’t go over….keeping fingers crossed for you!!!


    Just reading this, its hilarious. The things you have to do to get babs moving along!! What does the tonic water do???? Need to get organised with food for the freezer, great idea !!


    Definitely getting the freezer full is one of the cleverest things a mum who is due soon can do – make lasagnes, pies, casseroles and anything else you can muster up that’s nutritious and heats up easily! If you are going to be breatsfeeding, you’ll want good food to fill you up and having lots to choose from the freezer is great. I did this and found it made life alot easier in those first few weeks when you are all over the place!

    Also, make sure you are well able to shop online too. I used to do a bit of online shopping with Superquinn when my first baby was small (back when I hadn’t a clue what I was supposed to be doing with him all day!! 😆 😆 )

    If someone asks can they help in anyway – say yes! Let them go to shop for you or vacuum the floor. Giving birth and looking after a newborn is a tiring business and help is much needed and appreciated. In some cultures they make a new mum stay in bed for 40 days. When I first heard that I thought it was a bit mad but actaully, it sounds lovely!! I tried to stay in bed this morning for a few extra minutes but world war 3 broke out between my kids and I had to get up – so sleep as much as you can and let people help as much as you can!!

    such an exciting time getting ready for a new baby’s arrival – part of me wishes I could go through it all again. 😉

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