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    Any suggestions on how to treat colic (?) in a newborn?


    colic is not wind or spasams as many people think it’s crying for no reason…

    however i found ds2 was i thought colic when newborn, i gave him infacol….i don’t know if you are breast feeding or bottle feeding…but i also found ds2 was constipated and the pain he was in was awful, so i switched from sma (as that’s what ds1 had) to cow and gate….

    so if you are formula feeding try change, also try giving water and brown sugar….

    the other thing is massaging the stomach, and bringing the feet towards the tummy…

    actually ask sunshineorla, she does baby massage and has some great tips on things like this she may be able to advise…

    hope little man is doing ok, and you and the boys…


    Nice advice…thanks


    Tight swaddling, rocking in a dim lit room, rugby football hold of newbown are some of the suggestions I have heard…


    had 2 months of constant screaming with my little one. Changed formula to cow & gate comfort & put the colief drops into bottle. They break down the lactose in the milk which sometimesnewborns are not able to break down themselves. Took her off the drops about 4 weeks ago & she reverted straight away! So not gonna do that again in a hurry!!!
    Your district nurse often recommends a cranial oesteopath. Went down this route… think it helped slightly but drops seemed to make the biggest difference… for me anyway. They’re all different!
    Best of luck 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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