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    Hi all,

    Just wondering if any-one knows if after buying a car in June and now the car needs over E1000 work done is the garage liable for any of the costs? Its a 2002 and we were told it was serviced after we bought it which it wasn’t and when we brought it back because there was a light on to say it needed a service the light was just disconnected and nothing else done to car :evil:
    Its with our mechanic now who reckons it was a crashed car and just patched together.
    So would any one know, do we have any come-back with them?

    Thanks for any help.


    Im not too sure I know a woman going through the same problem with a 08 micra, its very very badly crashed, she is having a legal battle at the moment and still driving the car, she has no choice her husband had a stroke last year (the reason she changed her old car for new one so it would be trouble free) and cant walk very far.
    She did asked the garage to take the car back as part exchange for a 09 and she has to pay the difference she is a bit pee’d off but all she wants is rid of the car as its stressing her sick husband out.
    Sorry I dont know what your rights are, I think you should call the consumer Ass, I think if you buy a second hand car you have the same rights as buying a new car, as long as you buy from a garage and not a private sale iykwim…. can you ring the SIMI


    firstly, that’s an awful thing to happen regards your car sorry to hear it..

    anyway i used to work in a car garage many moons ago and i will give advice regards my experiences..

    Firstly was the garage an SIMI approved garage (this means Society Of the Irish Motor Industry) they have to abide by the rules and codes of ethics held down by the SIMI…blue square symbol with simi written and an arrow..(if you have receipt should be on it)

    Were you given a service history book? or did you request this?

    Were you given at least a 6months gaurantee/warranty (most garages will give 6months if not a year)

    did you buy this as a deal where you would receive a gaurantee/warranty or as a trade only car…this would mean that trade only you take it as it is no warranty given..

    If the answer to the questions to the above is YES well then you should have been given some warranty and back up by the garage, however most garages warranty have stipulations that’s something you will have to check..if given a warranty was it from the garage itself or with a warranty company…anyway the next step to take would be contacting the garage and explaining what’s happened, get quotation regards work. in the meantme record details of conversation, ie: person speak to, time date, and outcome then contact the SIMI if there is no assistance from the garage, they will then contact the garage and they will advise.

    also contact citizens advice for info. if you bought privately you’d be better speaking to them on how to go forward with this.

    do you mind me asking what is the problem with the car?

    i hope you get this matter resolved as soon as possible…keep us updated


    Hi Newmomma,

    Check out the following link: … in_Ireland


    You should get all the info you need here. On a lighter note…are you all set for tomorrow?

    Razzle Dazzle


    Thanks for your replies.
    Scole I don’t even know where to begin with whats wrong with the car.
    When we bought it the guy said he would valet and service it before we picked it up – which he didn’t – and when we got it home noticed there was an orange light on the dash (a picture of a car with a spanner through it) so we brought it back and he said he would service it now for us. The mechanic has said that this wire was just cut tho so the light would go out and it meant there was a problem with the engine 👿
    So we thought it was ok but because we didn’t trust him we decided to bring it for a service ourselves and the mechanic said yeh its a fine car but was crashed and the noise from the engine meant there was something wrong with the timing chain but I should get another year anyway from it. He rang me back the next day tho to say I should bring it to an Opel garage as they would know best so I did and they found E600 worth of repairs. Dp has a mechanic he always uses tho so said we would let him do the repairs and I think the seat-belts are about the only thing that are ok 🙄 The oil filter, water pump, engine… you name it it needs work done.
    We asked for a service history and are still waiting for it, and no they are not SIMI registered. We only got a 3 month warranty.
    I will ring the consumer association on Monday but the bill from the mechanic is getting longer by the day – he’s had it for 25 days now finding more problems.
    I am so annoyed and upset over this. I was loving having my little car to go out with ds 😥
    But yes Razzle Dazzle- not sure it’ll be worn for long but me & the pumpkin will be therein the morning 😀


    ah newmomma this is horrific, defo get onto the consumer advice and see from there….even if not simi registered they agreed to sell a car, and the fact they never disclosed any info etc etc, they were wrong and need to be got…try do asap before it’s too late….

    my heart goes out to you i hate when things like this happens and it happens a lot you really need to have someone you know look at a car, cause people out there are out to sting people….i’m really sorry to hear that it has happened to you…..

    i’ll ask a friend who’s in the biz and see what he says

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