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    right ladies really need advice here as I am at my wits end.
    dd is 2 1/2 yrs old and was born prem kungs collasped and were under developed.
    Over the past 2 months she has had an awful Chest infection which she went on 2 courses of antibiotics.
    Then i noticed she was starting to cough big time at night and doc said it was asthma, she was put on a Preventer Inhaler Beclazane (sp).plus a growth thingy in her mouth was dicovered which doc thought was somehting very serious but turned out to be a nasty strain of Thrush….SHE HAS A UTI ALSO… 1 week on things seem to be the same if not worst with the cough, this morning I thought she was going to choke with the coughin.I brought her back to the doc and he put her on steroids and Ventalin inhaler.

    she is now on daily
    Antibiotic for UTI twice a day
    Preventer Inhaler twice a day
    Ventalin Inhaler 5-6 times a day
    Steroids (3 a day)
    Microstation 4 times a day

    I can only imagine what all this is doing to her system. :shocked:

    i have noticed that her windows in her room in the morning have condensation on them should I be doing something in her room to prevent this or what :shock:

    Sabrinab 08

    Hi there, can totaly understand your stressed out withthet situation , poor pet.My eldesy daughter is 12 and 2 and half exactly she developed all the same syptoms, was given all the same med’s!! bit scary for the 1st while, but after she finished the anitbiotic her chest cleared up. i kept up the preventer and as a result she didnt need the Ventolin, were you given a bubble for her to use? they are much easier than giving it directly. they wont diagnose a child of that age with Asthma but it sounds like it. the steriods will help and also she’ll be off them soon, dont stress to much about those either, they are all just to fix the problem quickly and make her feel well. touch wood,My dh has not suffered with anything like that in about 7yrs. the preventer only had to be given for about a yr as far as i can remember, they always grow out of it.I found steaming up the bathroom and sitting with her in it always helped at night and try and keep her head raised. These are just the tips i found useful at the time. and yes i would try to sort out the draft in th windows or were ever it is coming from, ther must be one if ther’e condensation. it doesnt help! 😀


    Hi Sabrina

    Thanks for your reply .

    I have been told to get a Dehumidifier to help with the condensation , its not only her room our room window does the same and we are chesty also. I have a bad chest this 2 yrs 🙄

    Sabrinab 08

    Ye i would and try moving it around from room to room, hope she feels better soon. and you too 😀 😀


    Hi Bibi I had the same trouble last year with ds and now he is 2.5 he is back to the couging at night and his chest is very rattly so have him back at docs tomorrow. I bought a humidifier for the room last year and it helped loads. Also if you get some vicks vapour rub and (i know this will sound mad but it worked for me) if you put it on your childs feet and put a pair of socks on when going to bed it worked a treat and my little man got a full nights sleep


    If you find there is condensation in on the windows, then there is not enough fresh air ventilation in the room. Moist or humid air meeting a cold barrier such as a cold window causes the airborne moisture to condense into water droplets. You need to make sure your vents are open, or get a dehumidifier, not a humidifier.


    Cheap option to start with and see…I bought dehumidifiers in aldi.boxes which absorb excess moisture. I use them in our ensuite with the shower and in the kitchen if I have clothes drying…..they work gr8. mite help and cheap too.

    My two brother had athsma as kids and grew out of it but was scary to watch them struggling. They were allergic to eggs, fish, flananette sheets and teddy bears of all things…..these items set them off real bad.

    Proping up the bed is good too. My little boy has had bad chest, not athsma, and I prop up his cot with a pillow under his mattress. It does help. I also keep the heat off in the bedroom and just put blankets over him to keep warm. The central heating sets him off big time when he is sleeping in a warm room.

    Hope u find something that helps with the condensation.



    wooden floors are great also change bedding often as dust can settle in them and set it off . Fan heaters are a complete disaster as they create false heat ..Ds now 7 was terrible when he was young but touch wood seems to have grown out of it , the teddy bears etc and cuddly toys all gather dust and can trigger asthma , we stripped ds room and put in wooden floor and took all toys out also helps to open window in room during the day to air the room 🙄


    my 2 kids were the same every winter and spring. As soon as i seen them cough i’d steam them up in the bathroom and keep them well warm and feed them lots of fruit especially kiwi. These have more vit C than oranges. They were fine after i did this. Steamed them 3 times a week for about 20 mins.


    Hi Bibi, hope your little one is feeling better. My ds is 5 and asthmatic.During his first year he had multiple chest infections and was given antibiotics by the GP. I wasn’t one bit happy about my infant on all this medication. I developed asthma myself during pregnancy and was concerned that he had very similar symptoms to me.My GP & asthma consultant both recommended a specialist in Temple St. hospital.Long story short, they won’t diagnose asthma in children under 2 but she put my ds on preventative inhalers at 8 months – no more infections, no cough, wheezing etc. When he was 2 they ran more tests and officially disgnosed him. He has preventative inhalers and/or a night-time tablet – singular – which is great and he has never looked back.Might be worth looking into – he has never needed steroids or an antibiotic for his chest since.


    By the way, steroids and antibiotics are great at causing thrush – in babies and adults. I find Udo’s Super 8 lozenges tobe a great help. They are available in any chemist, from the fridge, so you have to ask for them. My friends 2 young daughters take them regularly as they used to get oral thrush from their inhalers.Another friend got a granule version for her 4 month old and resommends it.


    Hi there,

    Sorry, I just read your post. You poor thing. My son was born at 28 weeks and had severe RDS which left him with Asthma like your situation. He is 6 now and the good news is that most of the time we have him weaned off his inhalers. It is only during the winter that he sometimes has to go back on them.

    Do you make sure to give him a drink of water to was his mouth out after he takes his inhalers? He needs to spit this out to clean the inside of his mouth from the steroid in the inhaler. It is an awful lot to take in and try and remember everything but it might help. I would do as everybody says and try the humidifier and change his blankets frequently. Using a Volumiser is essential also rather than taking it directly with a child.

    Hopefully as he gets older it will improve like my wee man. Please feel free to pm me if you have any queries. It is very hard being a parent with a premmie. You want to wrap them up all the time and hold them close. They are very precious.

    Sian x


    Hi All,

    well the great news is , dd went to see peadtrician on 19th dec by 23rd all coughing had stopped. dd was put on 5 days of steriods and slo-phyllin (sp) tabs 2 a day, she was on these tabs up until 2 weeks ago as they caused major night tremmors (sp). but we have not look back since, she is a new girl m brilliant form and is eating rings around her and she has started to ask to use the toilet which is great as I was dreading the potty traininfg 😉 , she still has a nappy but she lets us know when she wants to go so we will try panties enxt week :):)

    Thanks to everyone for the advice


    That is brilliant news x

    Sabrinab 08

    Aww thats great news.. let us know how potty trainingis goin to.. doing the same. wee’s are fine but the potty is a major no no when it comes to the poo’s.. help!! 🙄

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