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    Not all children have a mum in their life, but they all have a female figure that they could want to celebrate.
    And there is no such thing as grand-mother / antie / foster – official guardian day so those female figures can be celebrated on mother’s day.

    But yes, the teacher in my kids school are nearly just children themselves.
    They are really nice teachers, but they’re so young and look very young. My son’s teacher she looks so young, you could nearly ask her for her ID if she wanted to buy alcool, but she’s been there 4 years, so she can’t be as young as she looks.

    Yes, it’s only when you become a mum that that day become so important.
    In their playschool, they had a special day where mums were invited, and some kids did not have their mum present on that day but the dad or grand-parents (question of planning I suppose) but kids were so happy they made something special for someone special in their life.

    But at the end of the day, tomorow I’ll be the happiest mum on earth having my kids with me with or without school made card, sharing cornflakes and toast in bed. Until the evening where I’ll moan against all the crumbs left in the bed :lol: :lol:

    Happy mother’s day to all.


    By now it should not upset me anymore but it still does.
    My kids are in the gaelscoil, and it’s the right school for them and us but they rarely do cards for the parents.
    My son (junior infants) came today with a nicely made mother’s day card, but my daughter NOTHING, her teacher was too busy or forgot.
    Last year she came with a card (plain photocopie, scribble with crayon for about 2 seconds, and the teacher wrote the child’s name, she was in senior infants well able to write her own name if she had more than 2 seconds to spend on the mother’s day card.

    She loves doing art, but her teachers don’t do it.
    I know she’ll make a card for me with her daddy, but the one from school is meant to be special, but it does not happen.

    Been able to read, writte, count is important, but learning how to cut, glu, draw is important as well.
    I still remember some presents I made for my mum in primary school, she still has it, I won’t have that.
    We spent days and days working on it, and my teacher did belive in academics (maths, language, grammar and swimming) more than anything else but she still spent the time to help us make it a special day.
    We barely did art outside mother’s day and father’s day. But those days were specials.

    They are more important things in life, but still it make me a bit sad.



    I know its only a little bit of time and the kids and mammies love it…. i collect 3 kids from school, my own ds and 2 others. My ds and one of the children are in the same class and the other child is in another junior infants class
    Today my ds and his classmate came out with lovely artwork and 2 flowers wrapped in tin foil, my heart went out to the child from the other class who came out with nothing… then when i was handing over the bags i think the mum thought the flowers were for her 😳 😳 😳 Dont understand how the 2 teachers didnt talk about what they were going to do or NOT going to do in this case 🙄


    Even if my husband buy the most expensive card in the shop and diamonds that will never be as good as a heart shaped homemade flowers.

    In case you wonder, he will not buy a card, neither diamonds 😆 😆

    I put the phone in his hands on wed and asked him to book a table for sunday lunch. But I’ll have my breakfast in bed. Nearly like every WE 😳 😳 .
    He spoils me, all year long.

    yes, they should make an effort in the schools.
    In my french class we made a fortune teller where the mum can get vitual prsent, flowers, hugs and more. And the kids (5th and 6th classes) were so happy to make it for mother’s day.
    And last year we wrotte french poems, and one girl still as it on display in her house and knows it by heart, more than any other french stuff we did. Yes mother’s day is so special how can they not really do it.



    I got a basket made from flowers and icepop sticks that were flowers, its fab im delighted and his little face running out the door… he is dying to give me breakfast in bed on sunday, another mother told me today her son said "our teacher said you have to bring your mammy cornflakes!!" They dont eat cornflakes but she is going to buy a box to keep the little fella happy 😆 😆 😆
    Im going to do lunch next weekend, i enjoy it better when the rush is over, find mothers day too packed and rushed…. going to go to the 9e all you can eat in the indian in the Village hotel in Bettystown


    taylor my Ds had same..I thought yr Ds was in other class?? so both teachers did do same??

    i know Fabs it upsets you…but i am sure yr DH will help DD make a lovely card for you & she puts such a lot of effort in…..

    does seem to be up to individual teachers over what they do & what they think is important on special days…a friend in england put on her facebook page other day she had a Mothers Day lunch in school canteen with her little one..they did a special school lunch for the mums…sounded lovely idea..


    I know mothers day means to much more to me now I am a Mum myself. I always help the children I mind make special gifts for their mums. But I have to say, before I had my own children, it was more a commercial day to me. I didn’t ‘get’ the whole thing. Maybe some teachers don’t celebrate or see the point in it themselves which would explain why they do nothing with the children. It can also be a touchy subject if a child doesn’t have a mum living or is living with grandparents etc. Not all children have a mum in their lives.


    Moonflower the little one in your ds’s class said she had nothing or no flowers for her mammy! 🙄 The little maggot must have had them shoved into her bag 😆 😆 😆 😆

    Did you ds have a cookie on paddys day? Or was it just my ds’s class? The reason i ask is the little one from Sandras class told me she didnt have a cookie and i made the 2 others share theirs with her…. wonder am i being tricked 😆 😆 😆


    no taylor..they had a toy snake instead..which now sleeps in our bed every night with ds!!!!

    yes fabs would agree most children have some sort of mother figure in their lives…but I suppose some poor children may not which is sad to think of…

    before i had children i used to get a mothers day card from my dogs which meant a lot and years ago when my sisters children were small they always gave me a mothers day card to their favourite auntie so I wouldnt be left out on Mothers day.

    hope you are enjoying your day Fabs… 🙂


    I thought that my eldest son didnt do anything for Mother s day and was ready to bitch about the teacher but this morning he sneaked downstairs and got a lovely card out of a secret pocket of his schoolbag!! He had said nothing, i m very proud of him keeping the secret all this time to surprise me.Wondering what else he s able to hide from me now 👿


    ah fabs sorry to hear that, wou should say it to the teacher, as it’s important that all kids are the same especially if you have kids from the same family in the school….

    we got flowers and a handmade basket of paper flowers…..

    on st. patricks day the kids got snakes like moonflower sleeps in the bed every night…..

    taylor the shamrock buscuits were made by one of the mum’s and she sent them in for the kids…..for A’s class…. (tasty too)


    yeah they were yummy, they got a snake too, they do brilliant things for the kids….
    K from Sandras class told me she had NO flowers for her mammy 🙄 I didnt notice any of the other kids, if they did or didnt have flowers…. she must have shoved them into her bag 🙄 😆 😆 😆
    Anyone know what day the concerts are on wed or thursday?


    thats really sweet Pastagirl…shows how grown up he is getting…bless him.

    will have to look again at note taylor..i cant remember either…must be on website as well thou..if i find note will let u know…..

    was it CookieBake who sent cookies in Scole?? bet they were scrummy 🙂


    that’s a pit Fab
    both my dd’s made something in creche – E1 made a mobile which she is insisting i hang in our bedroom and E2 made a painting of her hands with a little poem
    BUT dh "forgot" to buy wrapping and got the kids to draw on paper and make their own wrapping paper and it was super cute 😉


    yeah moonflower was cookiemomsterbake….

    not sure ref the concert it says 13th and 14th i’d say we’d get a note home for the day they are due…ah exciting for them…imagine a wholoe year of primary school nearly over….big boys now really are big boys…

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