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    Another horrible frenzied attack at a school in the US. 27 people are reported killed – most of them aged 5-10 years.

    This is pure sick. The devil who did it was a 20 year old local man, whose mother was a teacher at the school. He shot her at her home that morning and then got into body armour, including a bullet proof vest and went to the school where he seemed to target one classroom in particular, where alot of the children were kindergarteners.

    The police got there and it is not clear if they shot him or if he shot himself. His girlfriend is also missing and there are fears for her safety.

    What a horrible, horrible waste of young lives. He also shot the principal and killed her as well and injuring other teachers too.

    One teacher turned on the tannoy system and when the teachers & pupils heard screaming, they started to hide – she was clever to do that as it alerted them to the fact there was something very wrong.

    One teacher locked her classroom door and got the children to stand in a corner, where the gunman would not be able to see them and he passed their room without going in.

    Another teacher got her students to hide in closets until it was over.

    The teachers were so brave in what they did but the whole situation is so sick and twisted.

    Why would someone want to her small children who are defenseless?

    President Obama was in tears as he made a public address and maybe now, with this latest gun tragedy, the US will actually look into some sort of reform for guns. There needs to be less guns and much stricter access to them. In fact, they should get rid of them altogether.

    Its one massacre too far – there have been so many of these awful mass shootings now but this time, to pick out small children – its just not on. They need to really look at the gun crime situation and do something drastic about it.

    I was crying reading the paper this morning – so many families lives have been ripped apart from this unecessary tragedy. Its just unbelievable. So so very sad.

    May all those little angles rest in peace. … 26894.html


    may those poor little angels and the teachers that died rest in peace.and prayers and thoughts for the families left behind includingall the other children that survived but have been left with there innocence scarred forever. ibeyond comprehension what went on in this young mans disturbed mind to carry out such an evil act. there is alot of speculation in the media about the whys and reasons.people trying to find a reason in order to make sense of it,be it the gunlaws,the boys upbringing and lifestyle, violent computer games,a medical condition . but i dont think as with any of these types of killing sprees of pure evil we will ever know….


    Horrifically sad news.RIP little Angels


    I was giving out to ds1 last week over messing about when he was told to clean his teeth! We almost missed the bus and he was upset because i was cranking at him…. just imagine that was the last time i ever got to speak to him!
    Never again will i crank at him again after this, hence we have missed the bus the last two days 😆 😆 😆


    So very, very sad. I have heard since that some nut wants to arm the teachers now. So, they would be bringing the guns into the schools for them. What if a teacher has a bad day and a gun???

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