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    he was pretty pushy with his answer, which annoyed me further, worse was he was foreign and a stickler, i know if it was an irish person there would have been a comprimise, also the girl at the booking desk never uttered a word when i was buying tickets, there was no sign nothing to say buggies weren’t allowed, if i had know that i would have gone to swords or even balbriggan…..

    ds2 has a lovely bruised ankle this morning…


    ok i am going to have a rant, very annoyed today, i apologise in advance…

    anyway because it was a miserable day i decided we’d head to the movies to catch a film, me ds1 and ds2 to see shrek…. i asked the fil if he’d come with us as it’s been years since he’s been to the movies….one thing is i am grateful he actually came with us…

    ok i;d usually go to swords which is a great cinema and we always bring ds2 in the buggy never any problems we sit inan aisle seat and all is fine, the buggy is at the front and ds2 usually would sit and fall asleep never any problems….however today i decided with the bad weather and needign wiper blades replaced which i have ordered getting replaced on monday i didn’t fancy driving on the motorway with crappy wipers and decided to stay LOCAL and give the business to the local cinema….

    anyway paid for the tickets 17.50total and the goodies etc etc 16e so a total of 32.50e….not a cheap afternoon out…anyway i rpoceeded to the screen door where the young lad taking tickets informed me that buggies weren’t allowed, which ok is fine, however i was laden down with drinks and changing bag and fil had the popcorn and sweets and ds1….i asked if there was anyway i could go in unload the buggy drinks especially seat the kids and then come back out with the buggy…NO was my answer, so i asked again slowly please understand what it is i want to do, i understand that the buggy can’t stay in there, but he was then starting to block the door telling me no way was i to bring the buggy in, right i got annoyed….so while he was trying to give me back my tickets and let other people in i plonked the child in front of him, the drinks the bag and then pushed the buggy away, while ds2 was trying to climb the steps for the projection room….
    hethe guy working there was nearly having a heart attack….
    anyway i replied….this is why i asked if i could get things sorted….
    right off to watch the movie…

    anyway later ds2 got unsetled, where usually we’d pop him in the buggy and give a doody and he’d happily fall asleep…so in order to allow other patrons watch the movie in silence i went back outside…ds2 was falling aslepp i went back inside, and placed him on the seat next to me…a few mins later he woke up and he was foostering around to then his leg got caught in between the seats, the child was hysterical….i panicked i couldn’t get hi legs out, thankfully i yanked his legs out, and left the cinema with a child screaming in my arms his ankle bruised and swollen….

    anyway long story short i missed the film, fair enough that’s waht you expect when you bring a young child i’m just grateful that the fil was there so that ds1 could actually see the film….

    anyway what my gripe is, why is it that they don’t allow the buggies, i have never ever been stopped in swords cinema witha buggy, theya re SO FAMILY FRIENDLY….
    but what’s annoying is that there was absolutely no comprimise…he could have let me to unload and that would be that….

    lesson learned for a family friendly cinema go to swords…



    fair play to you bringing ds2 to movies there is no way E2 would stay still long enough
    Don’t know the drogheda cinema well could the problem have been space? I know in most of the newer cinemas there is alot more space in them than the old ones and they do mammy & baby mornings so well used to buggies etc


    Scole – when a post is up by you and the title is ‘annoyed’ we knowit must be serious because it takes a lot to ruffle your feathers.

    All I can say is the flipping cheek of them!!!! Thats awful. I would have been livid myself.

    May I recommend a lovely little cinema in Balbriggan, its the Savoy, just around the corner from Xtra Vision and Deli Burger. You can get 2 adults & 2 kids in on a family ticket for 24 euro. Its clean, nice and the staff are super friendly.

    Save you going all the way to Swords, its not expensive and they are nice.

    The manager is Martin, he’s lovely, tell him you’re a mumstown member and he’ll probably roll out a red carpet for you. I’ve never had a bad experience there, its a great little cinema.

    On Saturday mornings they do kids club at 10.30am. Its 5.50 per child for their entry to the movie, popcorn, drink & sweets and adults go FREE. Then, if they bring their rubbish with them on the way out, they get a little treat to bring home.

    Super family friendly.

    Hope that helps for next time. x

    Sabrinab 08

    total disgrace.. just thought, were do the Wheel chairs go???? he had a cheek and not an ounce of consieration for you as a parent! typical of this town!! 👿 grrrr!!!!
    Swords is great, and i assumed the space at the front is provided for buggys and wheel cahirs.. how rude was he, seriously!!


    You should complain to the manager, I wonder if they know how rude their staff are and that they sold you tickets when they could plainly see you had a buggy??

    So where do wheelchairs go? That is a good point….

    And a bruised ankle to boot – hope he’s not too hurt.

    Better off trying another cinema next time.

    Sat & Sun mornings in Balbriggan are great, I often go there myself and have never had a problem 😀


    What a plonker!!! No kids i’d bet…
    Im off to swords tomorrow morning with 4 kids, ds2 is 1.5 and i will bring his buggy into the front no problems, we get the asile seat and if i need to strap him in to the buggy i will and take a free seat at the front, while ds1 will sit and watch from our seat….. well worth the drive to Swords to watch the movies.
    4 tickets ds2 is free in…. only cost 28 euro and thats for a 3d movie, plus no steps for tolilets for young kids etc


    Curious what is the cinema itself like in Drogheda now……havent been for years and years. Went once when it opened and it was filthy, dirty. Couldnt get over the filth. Just walked straight out and asked for our money back. They asked why and just said I couldnt sit in the dirt! Now maybe its improved, but would be too afraid to even try it. Pity a big town like Drogheda and yet most people go out of town for the cinema 😕


    We just booked our tickets for Toy Story 3 tomorrow afternoon in Savoy Balbriggan – I reckon we are more excited than the kids!! My brother, mam and sister are all coming too. Hope its good… excited 😀 😀


    oh its brilliant… only 6.50 for 3D movies in Swords before 1pm.
    Mummy5 my dh WONT STEP FOOT INTO THE DROGHEDA CINEMA!!!!! He says it smells like a dirty bird cage 😆 😆 😆


    as far as i know from what i’ve seen in that cinema theres only one place a wheelchair can fit and thats at the back of the hall in the biggest room there’s a gap in between chairs, theres no way they get down the stairs, theres no lift to the toilets or a disabled toilet either, they used to have kids clubs but so many people complained about the facilities that they gave up, hopefully the new one (whenever they get aroud to building it) will be a lot better
    i have no choice but to go to the drogheda cinema as i don’t drive but haven’t brought any of my children to the cinema yet because its just too much hastle
    the floors sticky, the screen has a rip in the top of it, you’d be lucky if the films in focus and there chewing gum on the seats and paper spit balls on the ceiling and screen
    i hope you ds iis ok now scole, sorry you had to go through all that


    Yuck, the cinemas in Drogheda are dirty kips and yes, I do not believe there is any space for a buggy or wheeelchair – which would make them a fire hazard.

    This being the case – they should tell you before you pay your money out. I would complain to the manager and demand my money back.


    Joey beautiful new Savoy Cinema in Balbriggian, might be a nice day out for the kids… right beside the train station too


    yes i’ll bring them places when i done have to drag a double buggy everywhere…astrotots is keeping them busy at the moment, love that place, gets them to sleep really quick too, now if i could just get them to stop waking up at 6am everyday….
    we have a 42inch tv so they think it is a cinema 😆

    super minder

    drogheda picture house is a nasty place i refuse to go . i was expecting daniel i took jack to there.i was in plenty of time but q for popcorn was mad busy so the ads were on when we were getting to the seats . the lights were off i tripped comming down the stair popcorn everywhere some nice me helped me up . heal of the hunt the manager was called as the jack ran out to tell them i feel and i was crying. i will get some one to clean your mess up and walked away.

    hormones and ambasrement kicked in so jack ten i left him down watching movie i went to bathroom and slipped on the pee on the floor. again was told it wasnt my day. daniel was born 3 days later at 6 weeks early. and to this day i still blame the wet floor and the fall.

    if places want to be helpful its a must now a days xxxxxx

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