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    Hello! I was just wondering, I know that golden wedding anniversaries are a big deal, but do you think that it’s OK to do homemade 50th anniversary invitations anyway?


    Ally, of course its ok to make your own invitations. I made my own wedding invites and everybody commented on how nice they were 😀


    yeah i’m sure there’d be no problem with that, nice paper even add a nice photo and hey presto, invites….have a look on line and get some ideas, you should have a programme in word that can help do invites….but homemade ones i think are better as they really come from the heart and the work put into doing them is greatly appreciated too…

    best of luck and most of all enjoy the party


    You can buy little stickers etc in the Euro2 shops to stick on them. They do make you own card sets and they are great. I bought a pack of 8 make your own cards and did then with the children for an event and they turned out great. They were not perfectly put together like professional ones but I think the fact we did them made them more special!

    Its lovely to make them yourself, more personal.

    Best of luck, happy crafting!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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