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    [size=150:2siix71m]"Interpreting the messages, your Angels want you to know… " [/size:2siix71m] Jo-Anne Roberts

    I’m available for sessions in my own home, or if there is more than one person requiring a reading, arrangements can be made for readings in your home…

    (Send me a pm, and I’ll give you my contact details….)


    delighted you’re doing this great to see….i’ve had a reading and really put my mind at ease when i really needed reassurance looking forward to another reading soon….

    best of luck….


    Aw Scole1, thanks for your kind words….
    All thanks to your Angels, they are the ones who gave you the re-assurance…. 😉


    DOnt know much about it, what does it mean, what do you do?


    Hi Lai…

    I introduce people to their angels… make them aware that there are angels around, from whom to ask guidance and help. 😉


    i had reading, i didnt know anything about it, and i found it very reassuring!
    Thanks JO-Anne


    It was so lovely to meet you 😀
    And I’m SO glad that you found the session to be of comfort!


    hi guys,let me just say i think what pastela is doing is great as it gives comfort to people when they feel they have nowhere else to turn.i have also gone to an angel lady when my friend was killed.i was already clued into my angels but just needed someone esle to validate things for me.what im saying is the angels are there all around all of us,not just the ones with the gift of reading but to anyone who asks them to come forward.all you have to do is ask your angels to give you a sign that they are with you and they might doubt it the first few times but they will not give keep asking and be open to the connection.i think my place is to spread the word.i talk to people all the time about angels and encourage them to take that step.its a wonderful feeling to know that we all have our own angels.we dont have to know who they are as they will listen to us whenever we talkto them.i call on angels for different things and i just say for instance’angel of finding things i need your help or angels who are around me can you connect with my sisters angels to keep her well.this is when im asking them to help when my sister who is going through a rough time with cancer.i do get alot of stick and some people say im off my head but i dont worry about what other people think as i believe that if you truely believe in something who cares what other people true to yourself.being able to connect with my angels has now meant i know my friend is fine and i have had many signs of this.i dont worry anymore about little things and the big things always work themselves out.i know that things happen for a reason and in time i will see what that reason dont be afraid to ask your angels to come forward,they are there but they will wait in the backround till you ask them to reveal themselves.i have had so many people come back and say they now know that their angels are with them i know that what im saying is true.


    Angelmum! (gotta love the name! 😉 )

    Everything that you are saying is so, so true… and thank you for having the courage to share your feelings and experiences with others.
    Angels are there, they are all around us, and all they want is to be invited to help you with every aspect of your life…. and they are thrilled to be able to do so. 😀
    And yes, it does sound like your role is to spread the word, and such a wonderful job you are doing of it!
    Angels bring healing, in so many ways….. all you need to do is ask…. 😉


    I seen on the tv that they are having an Angel evening from 8pm tonight, I think glora honeyford (sp) is doing one of the shows….. not sure if it is Living or Skyone but Im sure you’ll find it on the sky channels


    skyreal lives


    thanks pastela for your kind words and encouragement.i find that including the angels in my everyday life i dont worry or get too worked up about anything.if something not so good is going on i ask the angels to sort it for me or if thats not possible i ask them to give me the strength to deal with it.worrying will not change the outcome so i dont waste time worrying.i thank the angels when good things happen and smile to acknoledge their input.its a good feeling to know that whatever happens they will be there


    You and I need to meet! 😀 You are most definately in tune with your Angels! And yes, come rain or shine, in happy times, or times that aren’t so happy, they’ll be there…. I’m living proof….. 😉

    And just for clarity…. as I’ve been asked the question. I do not do tarot cards…..
    I use Angel cards, as they are only messages of guidance and love…. 😀


    angelmum , pastela

    you must have been my sisters in a previous life 😀

    I am in tune with angels also, I am a master in Integrated Energy Therapy,therapy with angels.
    I have been in tune with angels all my life and I am just in aw of them. at the moment in my life I am going thru a rough time and for some reason the angels cant get in to help me i know they are there I know I can see the black cloud over my heart allowing my heart to open freely for healing. ONly for angel guidancefor myself and even when my dd was born i do not know what i would have done.

    Pastela I am def going to make it my mission to meet u 🙂




    You know yourself….. its you holding them back…… just invite them to take over…. and let go… 😉

    See you whenever the time feels right for you!…. 😀

    I’ll be here… 😉

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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