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    had to post this , its amazing :)

    This is the face of Metatron surrounded by angel energy! An awesome picture. He is urging people to raise their frequency.


    Brilliant photo but I only see an angry face on middle right of picture!! Did you take that? its amazing photo


    brilliant photo!!


    Hi , no i didnt take the pic. There is loads like tis on the Diana Cooper website under Orbs. HTH


    what does raising your frequency mean? 😳


    Almae, the pics are amazing. I was looking at the exact same pic yesterday afternoon… so we were obviously on the same wavelength! 😉

    Kate, The Angelic Realm are beings of pure love and light, and as such vibrate at a much higher frequency than humans. So, by being urged to raise our frequency, we are being encouraged to become more in tune with the angels… so to speak…. 😉 HTH…


    Chewodie did u see th 1st picture yesterday that looked like it was taken at a Paul MC CARTNEY concert and the orb ? They said it was a spirit of a child and angels but i was being pulled toward it was the late Linda mc cartney? Did u feel that?



    I know the pic you are talking about… 😉 I wouldn’t want to try to interpret orb pics, it would be an area that I wouldn’t have a lot of expertise in! So, I’ll leave that to the psychics! 😀

    But, I’ve got a pretty special one of my own…. I’ll pm you… 😉


    cool pic, really cool….

    taylor you musn’t be intune with your angels if ya can only see an angry face 😆 it’s amazing what you can see in different photos if you look carefully….we never really look twice at pics but if we did we’d perhaps see more than what’s there…


    i have loads of pics with things in them that i thought were rain drops , even though we took pictures inside 😳 , god i can be thick at times 🙂 here is 2 more from the diana cooper website 😉

    A vortex of very sick people, passing being held in Azriel’s energy. This Orb helps dissolve fear of sickness and death.

    This is an angel of love with Mother Mary. When you look at this Orb you are opened up to live your life with compassion and love.



    Those pics are amazing. I saw the face straight away. I can actually see a 2nd face. Does anyone know a good spiritual medium / fortune teller in the North Dublin area?. I’ve never had my fortune read and but did have crystal healing done… the place in Finglas Village. But tried to go back to schedule another appt and they let me down on one ocassion and never turned up, stood outside for nearly an hour, so gave up on them. But they did tell me a few significant things that made sense and gave me some insight. All suggestions appreciated.



    Cool, I’ve sent them on to a friend of mine who is very into angels. I reckon she’ll love them. Even a novice like me appreciates them.

    Thanks for posting almae…


    This is beautiful. I happen to know a fantastic spiritual medium who also does Angel card readings and she’s based in Balbriggan. If you’d like her details, please PM me and I’ll pass on your info. She’s fantastic!
    Love and Light, R 😀

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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