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    Hailey Rose was the winner of the baby of the year award at the Maternity & Infant awards 2012.She did really well,as it was a really long day.she tried to eat the microphone a few times when we were on stage,it made everyone laugh.

    I had never been to the Shelbourne Hotel before & I think because it is a 5 star hotel I was expecting to be wowed,but I wasn’t.They didn’t have anywhere to change nappies so babys everywhere were being put on the ground to be changed & they had no lifts so buggys had to be lifted up & down stairs.

    Outside when we got there there were women & their babiespicketing the event as it was sponsored by SMA & they were saying breast feeding is the best for babies.It was really awkward as I have never walked by a picket before.I think breast feeding is great but not everyone can do it,I mean I planned to breastfeed but Hailey was so sick that I couldnt do it.It took me a while to get over the picketers to be honest.

    Martin King & Cybil Mulcahy hosted the event & they did a good job.It was a long day & we were exhausted by the end of it.

    Hailey won a nice glass award with her name on it & we were lucky enough to win a car seat aswell & Hamleys toy store gave her a teddy bear & building blocks.All in all it was a good day & the baby of the year now lives in our house! :)


    Congrats to you all on your big win. Its well deserved 😀




    Well done to Hailey -after all she’s been through its great to see her doing so well and funny about her trying to eat the microphone!

    The protest was because they had named Philomena Canning as midwife of the year and declined her award because she did not want an award sponsored by SMA when she advocates breastfeeding. The picketers were saying that the awards should have been sponsored by someone other than a formula brand company, that was their gripe. In fairness, they had a point but I can understand why it was awkward getting through it.

    Shocking no changing facilities in the hotel – does not sound very family friendly? I wonder why they had baby focused awards in a hotel which is clearly baby unfriendly??? strange….


    We Mumstown Mums have always said she is a very special little girl… 🙂
    She deserves all the accolades… and you too Mom for all you’ve been through…
    You must be very proud! 😉


    congrats and well done to hailey 😀


    Thats great news, congrats!


    Congradulations to baby Hailey— I am so delighted for both of you…

    She is a Star….. 😀 😀

    Member sure you must be very proud of your little girl.i think all the shelbourne hasgoing for in terms of its 5 stars is its history and location.!last time i had a drink in it thought the wine must have golddust in it the price of it 😯


    Whoo hoo that is brilliant news, i bet it makes all the hard months in and out of hospital a distant memory, well done Hailey x Im a bit shocked at the prizes, not really that great are they? But im sure it is the honor of the win that is more important.

    My Husband did a lot of work in that hotel, he said the same, the rooms in the new part are lovely and 5 star quality.

    Im a bit annoyed reading about a midwife refusing an award over a formula company being the sponsor of the Awards. Finding someone to sponsor an award event in the current climate would be a hard task, are these people so fickle that they think Formula is soooo bad!! I would watch awards and i watch formula adverts on TV, but i still wanted to Breastfeed my boys…… when i come across people who are so in your face about BF’ing it makes me want to run a bloody mile and they wonder whey the BF rates are so low in this country, that all or nothing attutide scares new mothers away from it, Rant over, im off out to hug a few trees! 😆 😆 😆


    Congratulations i’m delighted for you – when is it on TV?


    Thanks everyone for your congratulations. 😀

    As far as I am aware it will be on the 10th December on TV3,I think it will be in the afternoon,ill confirm details If I get more information.

    I think if the midwife had accepted the award,she would have had a captive audience & she could have talked about the benefits of breastfeeding on TV3 & got her point across but its her own decision,but like you Taylor I wouldnt be swayed by a advert on tv either.

    I still cant believe how ill equiped the Shelbourne was for the event & to be honest the food wasnt great either (i’ve had better pub grub) & the Sudocrem people paid for our seats (as they sponsored the baby of the year award) 200 a head (even for Hailey!) MADNESS


    congrads i am delighted xx


    No Way 200e per head!! Wow thats a bit steep…. i cant believe they had to pay that for the babies! God only in Ireland 😆 😆 😆


    Huge congrats on the award!

    Sounds like a strange set up though re the hotel and picketers etc..hope it didnt distract too much from the day!

    Yes I know the Shelbourne well and its definately not a family friendly place..very wierd place to hold this sort of event!!!

    Remind us when its going to be on telly x

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