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    would definately be interested in attending, just checking is it the glenside hotel? and do i need to email to confirm attendance!



    [size=150]Wednesday 3rd November 2010

    Anamcara will be on the Late Lunch today on LMFM discussing the loss of a son or daughter and how it is for parents, siblings and extended family.
    Anam Cara will be running a series of Professional Bereavement Talks during September, October & November .

    TONIGHT -Nuala Harmey, Bereavement Coordinator at CUH Temple Street will give a talk on "Supporting & Understanding Siblings Grief" at the GlensideHotel, Julianstown, Co Louth. This event will start at 7.30pm till 9.30pm

    All very welcome on the night.
    Information line – 01/4045378 085/2888888


    No, you can show on the night and are more than welcome. Its in the Glenside Hotel, sorry about that error on the original post. Nuala is a lovely lady who speaks very well on this subject…..I’ve found it very helpful listening to her before.


    Just a reminder that the professional talk is on tonight in the Glenside Hotel and that Anamcara will also be discussing the loss of a son/daughter on the Late Lunch on LMFM today.


    Did not go. Did you find it helpfull.
    Always try to find an excuse not to go to the Anamcara meetings.
    I think I’m afraid because it’s been so long (feb 2002) and I cope well (too well?, not well enough?)
    Will it push me into more pain? And I keep telling me that my story is not that bad, they are worse cases around me. Honestly I’m happy about my life. Sometime feel guilty about not being more sad about my loss.

    But it made me happy and sad when few weeks ago my eldest daughter 6 did understood that she wasn’t the first baby but she is the oldest of my children at home.
    For each birth we bought a painting from the same artist, so because we have the 3 paintings in the stairs and each belong to 1 child, we name it every once in a while.
    That’s how they know, my daughter asked about the 3rd name so my husband told her the story.

    Please Mummy5 keep posting about the meetings and maybe one day I’ll make it.



    I love the way children can speak so honestly about things, maybe that what us adults need to learn to do too. Have to say it was very helpful to me personally and to others there. Nuala Harmey is a wealth of information and so easy and informal to talk to.

    Anamcara is always there……..whenever it is needed or the time is right. But don’t feel guilty about not being ‘sad’…we can carry our loss within us and do begin to live again. Just because we smile, laugh and enjoy our lives & families does not mean we remember less or love less. We do it in a way we can live with.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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