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    Is it all not a bit of a storm in a (pint glass) tea cup

    Yes he sounded a bit off, but he doesnt sound the best on any given day, he could have been up half the night, he could have a cold or sinus trouble, you just dont know…..

    I dont think they are the best party or the best leader, but dont think much of any of them in any of the parties.

    Is Brian Cowan the man, the husband, the father not allowed to clock off work and let his hair down? I dont like the man, but my sister would have met him many times through her work and she said he is a lovely man…. i think he was handed a hot potato when Bertie jumped ship. I cant imagine the stress that man is under….. a few pints and a sing song with his work mates!!! Cant see the big deal…. sorry!


    Its not only all over the news in Ireland but its gone global too and is on Tv and newspapers all over the world, making uslook like a nation of boozers….

    As an Irish person I am mortified that our Taoiseach was in that state for a morning interview.

    I know we all have bad mornings, when we are a bit hoarse or hungover but if you are Taoiseach and you know you are going on nationwide TV, surely he should have gotten to bed at a decent hour so he would have been at least half awake for the interview.

    Is it any wonder we are in such a sorry state, what kind of leadership is that. He sounds slurry on some of his words, here is the link to the interview:

    so embarassing…..


    As we were saying in our house imagine Mr Barack Obama doing that….partying until the wee hours, drinking and singing away, then going on air for a live interview a few hours later. Totally irresponsible. If anyone else showed up for work a bit hungover or still with alcohol in the system they’d be told to go home; maybe get a warning too or even be sacked on the spot.

    But sure its our lovely government for you again….people laughing at the ‘Irish’ again I’m sure, its so embarassing. 😳 My first thought was all those who are unemployedand would love to have a job to go to in the morning….they wouldnt dare risk being out all night and loosing their job.

    At the end of the day he is working for the Irish people, I think we should be able to ‘sack’ him. He knew he had this interview and whichever way you look at it ‘he choose’ to stay out late and not be as prepared as he could have been for an interview.


    "Brian Cowen has made an announcement “We regret that due to Government cutbacks, the light at the end of the tunnel is to be switched off”.

    Just about sums it up…….


    It’s infuriating.

    I remember working for a US company and I would travel over there a lot and at first they thought I was some sort of lucky charm, they thought my accent was adorable and I was a novelty to them. They had no clue Ireland is a seperate island to England or that we have our own language etc

    I had a degree and good work ethic and reputation but I had to work really hard with my international colleagues to prove I was not just some Irish girl wanting to go on the lash after work. They often assumed I would be the one dragging them to bars. It was so stereotypical and it used to drive me nuts.

    If I was still working for that company today I would be mortified dealing with my international colleagues, his behaviour makes us look stupid and like a bunch of alcoholics. Its a bloody disgrace…and despite the hoohaa about the way he spoke, the message of the speech was even worse, 4 billion in cuts; instead of the proposed 3 billion.

    Then today its all over the news that FAS paid twice the valued amount for land in Co Offaly and that our beloved government paid 34 million in ‘fees’ to solicitors who helped them cope with the economic crisis. Seriously, hospitals are being forced to close down A&E depts, children’s allowance and pensions are being cut and Fianna fail are up singing half the night??

    When is this govt going to get their marching orders…


    I think he is entitled to his privacy and his nights off, of course he is but there’s a time and place…

    When he is Leading a Fianna Fail sit in, to discuss our current economic crisis; downing 8 pints of carlsberg, singing and staying up until the wee hours, knowing you have a national interview the next morning….er, well thats just daft.

    He’s made a show of us at home and abroad and he himself has apologized today for it.

    Of course the other parties are loving it and are trying to hang him out to dry because they see the opportunity and I do feel a bit sorry for him, the way he took on the party from ‘got off scot free Bertie’ – but at the end of the day, he should be leading by example, especially when he is representing us on a national and international stage.

    It can be really hard getting people to see past us as a nation of drinkers who do not take work seriously and are just all for having a laugh and while letting your hairdown and having a bit of craic is grand, there are times when its just inappropriate, as he is now finding out the hard way.

    Sure, its just another day in Irish politics, if its not him its Ivor Callalay swearing he did not know he was expensing for petrol costs from Cork when he was living in Dublin the whole time….but they get away with it so they’ll keep on doing it. So annoying.


    I find it laughable that after all the monumental cock up’s over the past few years, that its a hungover man/pm that gets the whole country up in arms 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆
    The Straw that broke the camels back 😆 😆 😆


    when will we ever get rid of them , they are a total group of clowns , look at our health system , typical of their atitude that he makes us a laughing stock , brian cowen is paid more than barrack obama … for what 🙄


    Oh dear….we are a laughing stock again on a global scale over our beloved Taoiseach’s antics while knocking back the pints…

    It’s made the today show with Jay Leno and is all over YouTube, mortifying:


    😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 Sorry 😳

    I love Jay Leno.

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