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    Mark Acu

    As a Acupuncturist while treating females I have become quite amazed at the level of symptoms and issues many have with their menstrual cycle. Perhaps the most scary aspect of this is that in many cases the medical profession don’t have any answers to the symptoms or they are seen as minor. I am a man and I can tell you I would not be too happy with mood swings, migraine headaches or a sore back every month and be told its natural get on with it. So respect to you ladies who suffer..

    From a Acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine point of view many “menstrual symptoms” are quite easily treated.

    Why or how does it work?Acupuncture has been proven to effect the functioning of the hypothalamus and pituitary gland and the release of hormonal substances throughout the body. This helps regulate the menstrual cycle and reduces menstrual symptoms.

    The womb in translation from Chinese to English is Childs Place or Childs Palace. The condition of this Palace is reflected in the Menstrual Cycle. A combination of acupuncture, dietary and lifestyle modifications will be used in order to rebalance the body and regulate the menstrual cycle. In Traditional Chinese medicine we observe the individual as a whole so we are not looking only at the menstrual cycle but also at digestion, sleep patterns, energy levels and other health factors.

    So ladies there is a possible answer and it’s a natural one….. Happy Days :D

    If you have any questions on the subject please feel free to contact me


    Anyone who suffers with their ‘time of the month’ should read this from Mark. I personally never considered Acupuncture but having read that, it is definitely something I am willing to try.

    Great information and really interesting. Thanks! 😀


    Hi Mark,

    Its great to see you posting! I’m going to embarrass you now if you don’t mind LOL

    For anyone who is considering acupuncture, Mark is a true Gent! I saw him after a miscarriage in terms of trying to get cycles back in order to get pregnant. Within 3 cycles I was back to an average cycle. I discovered I was pregnant and continued with Mark to keep hormones level, try to avoid miscarriage.

    Throughout my pregnancy I continued with acupuncture and also reflexology. Really enjoyed it.

    Mark Acu

    Hi Jene

    Thank you so much for your comments and yes you have embarrassed me 😳 It was my total pleasure treating you and look forward to chatting to you soon


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