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    A few weeks back I posted a message that I thought I was having a bad reaction to the pill,well I’m off the pill 2 weeks now & I have to say that I am still having odd days….like today I felt really paniced & I was meant to go out to get a few bits but I really just couldnt face it.The last few days I have been trying to make the effort to even get out for a 30 minute walk as I think maybe I am spending too much time at home & therefore when it comes to going out I get myself in a bit off a tizz.

    The thing is with my daughters health,I cant go to enclosed spaces or places with lots of people,so it cancels out a lot of places that I can go with her,so basically its just the 2 of us together all day everyday as noone i know is on maternity leave or around during the day.

    I am getting worried that I may be suffering from PND?… sure you are all going to say go to your doctor…..really dont want to though as I dont want tablets to be thrown at me,as i dont believe tablets solve problems.

    I think maybe in a week I have 2 bad days… that normal?….just want to know has anyone else gone through just feeling quite teary & irrational at times & not quite knowing why…I feel quite anxious about posting this message as to the reaction im going to get…but here it goes anyway!


    Just reading this does make me think you have a little problem, if you can see the warning signs your half way there… but the if it is pnd its best to go to your gp asap.
    Go talk to your gp, you can ask not to be treated me meds, you can work on your diet and trying to get plenty of quality sleep (not easy with a new baby)
    But your really need to be getting out, i know when my gp was telling me to get out and exercise to help my mood i would laugh at him, but getting out and the blood flowing makes you feel amazing. You can do all the above on your own, but really take it from me you are much better just talking to your gp…. you will feel a million times better.
    Good luck


    The panicky feelings are often a sign of PND. 2 or 3 days a week can be a sign you are struggling. I know its hard to think you might have it (us mums don’t like to admit we are not perfect – but in reality we are not and we should go a little easier on ourselves)

    You might think you should be able to get through this on your own but if its PND, you really should go to your GP.

    If you want to get some independent advice before going to your GP, there is a new pharmacy expert coming on Mumstown and you could ask them for some advice? They are professional and trained in these areas and may be able to offer some advice. you can reach them at and phone number 01 8414586. The contact is Carol and they are really lovely and can offer impartial advice.

    HTH – feel better soon. x


    Hi Haileysmum, I too suffered PND after two of my kids. I am on meds for it but anytime I talk to my GP he always recommends some light excercise and communication with people close to me.

    Try not to isolate yourself too much. I know that a baby takes up alot of your time but even chatting on here is good. It gets you in touch with other mums who have been through it or something similar.

    You should try to make a coffee morning even once a week – you would be surprised how much this would help you.

    If crowded places are not your thing then you could pick a quiet morning or small coffee house that you know wont be too packed and meet up with other mums for chats.

    Hope this helps you

    Dont let it in on you – talking is good 🙂

    Mind yourself x


    hi i sent you a pm, I hope it went through, let me know if you don t get it.
    Don t worry it will go away if you learn how to deal with the anxiety and the panicky feeling. The key is in your mind not tablets.


    Hiya Haileysmum,

    It COULD be pnd – a lot of stress etc can increase the chances, but please consider checking in with your doc or public health nurse. There is a form you can fill in – a ‘tick the boxes’ job – that can give a better idea of where you stand. Visiting your doc doesn’t mean you’ll end up on pills. I went to counselling and it was a big help.

    That said, it could just be your body reacting to the pressure and loneliness – and worrying about your health won’t help.

    Is there any way you could get o a gym or anything for an hour in the evenings? (Better than a walk – meet more people) Playgrounds are great places to meet people for a chat – become a playground junkie. Visiti a different one everyday if you can!!!

    I’m not sure where you are exactly, but near Dundalk there is a wee nature reserve called Stephenstown Pond. There is a little walk, a wee playground & a very quiet cafe (and picnic tables outside if you thought the cafe was too enclosed / busy). If the weather is favourable at a weekend, let me know & we might be able to meet up – but I’d have three wee boys with me….


    Here is the test for PND, you can fill this out and see how you get on. Its a good indicator of whether or not you need a bit of help.

    Diet & exercise are important too, eating well, drinking lots of water and getting out in thefresh air (every day if possible) is a good way to ward off bad feelings. I know if I am feeling cranky, a good walk will help clear my head.

    Keep talking on here and let us know how you are doing, please don’t bottle it up, that would be the worst thing to do.


    Hi there, i sent you a pm last night and it s still in the outbox, not going through, i don t know why.hope you re feeling better today, it s a nice morning, sun and Vitamine D supplement help a lot with depression.I ll try to check my pm again today, anyone knows how long it takes to go through usually?


    hi again,I just did that test that you posted Sabbi & i got 19 marks out of 30,it says if over 10 marks you should go see someone,so i guess theres my answer……i feel really upset about it,i really dont want to be ill,if i cant look after myself how can i look after Hailey properly.

    thepastagirl I got your PM this morning thanks for that ill reply to it soon


    Breathe deeply, pet. Been there, know the feelings…

    A common side- effect of PND is to feel overwhelmed. You can still look after your baby – pnd doesn’t necessarily mean that you can no longer be an effective mother.

    It does mean that you have to pay more attention to your own wellbeing than you’ve been doing until now. You deserve to be minded as much as Hailey.

    Watch that internal voice that we all have – keep it positive. A diagnosis of pnd is no reflection on you or on your abilities as a mum. No one is perfect.

    Google pnd support group. The Irish one is based in Cork. Have a chat. They are really nice.


    I think we all know when we are starting to frayat the edges, having a baby can have a huge effect on your emotional/mental health, but having a very sick baby can really knock your for six…. you havent had a moment since your baby was born, it was one thing after another, maybe now thing are only starting to settle that you are getting a chance to absorb what you went through over the past few months.
    As Pookie said pnd doesnt mean your a bad mum or you wont be able to mind your baby, yes you will! Somedays will be harder then others but you will get there, getting out and about is the key

    Dont be stressing, talking to your gp will be such a release, its better out than in. Your not alone, pnd is very common but there is still a taboo about it.


    I rang a helpline today to talk about things,I spent most of the time crying but what the woman said was it was a good first step & she is going to send me some literature.

    We have had it planned for ages that my partner & I are going away for the night while my sister minds Hailey early next week,it will be first time away from her for more than a few hours.I think I am going to postpone my doctor visit till after hotel break just in case all i need is a bit of time relaxing in a pool & an undisturbed nights rest (wishful thinking probably & maybe i am just fooling myself,but i just cant face doctor right now)

    The thing is I dont know how I am going to tell family & friends that I am feeling the way im feeling,i dont think they will understand…..and i dont want to be the talk of the town either.

    Its odd as I feel more comfortable talking about it on here,as i suppose in a way i feel anonymous & i feel that you understand me better,you really are a great group of women & i really do appreciate your messages of support,it makes me feel that im not completely alone.


    your family will understand, but i do know where you coming from.. i never told my MIL about my pnd, i just felt she would judge me! She didnt but thats how i felt
    You wont be the talk of the town, you wont be wearing it on a sandwich board "im depressed" 😆 😆 😆 Talk to your dh and your family and ask them to respect that your not happy with people outside the family knowing. There is no mad rush to the doctor, enjoy your break away it could refresh your batteries xxxx


    You don t have to tell everybody, just tell the people you are closest to.For the rest if they notice you can always say it s the lack of sleep that s bringing you down a bit.Your GP will give you some counsellors names as well, why not going to a new GP if you re feeling embarrassed(no need to be really).Enjoy the hotel break, eat, drink and sleep!


    fair play Haileysmum for being brave enough to recognise it in yourself and to make that phone call – both these things can only be a plus in your favour! Enjoy the break with the hubby.

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