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    i have this mate she has alitttle girl she is 3 and she moved into her house just b4 christmas. and she drinks non stop since she did like some weeks she would drink around 45 bottles of drink in a week and her family are at there wits end wit her cause she bet up her sister for nothing.


    God that a tough one, your kinda stuck between a rock and a hard place. I would tread very carefully, she will need you as a friend but just by your post she isnt in a good place at the moment and might tell you to feck off if she sees you over stepping the line.

    Just at a guess she is a young mum and became a mother very early, this new house she might see as a return of the freedom she lost when having her dd. Did she drink like this before the house move? Maybe its just a phase (please God) she is going through.

    Maybe have a chat with her while she is sober and explain she could lose her house if the neighbours complain or worse she could start getting grief from social services if anyone is worried about her dd.. Make her understand your a friend and will support her and will be there for her.
    Im sure her mother is up the wall about her. Has she troubles (money, fear of being alone) since moving?


    I feel sorry for your friend NickySM and I hope she gets through this. Of course the tragedy is the kids have to go along on the ride too 🙁

    The pressures that young mothers have are a lot. People don’t realize that you have to struggle through trying to find out information concerning schools, doctors, benefits. Then you have to be creative on a budget and make sure the kids are well nourished…it’s a tough life and anyone who thinks it isn’t is probably a man, or a woman who has a lot of family support around her.

    That’s why this type of site is great so that we can network and support each other.


    the child does hardly want to go near her mother half time she wants to be wit her nan all the time. she used to only drink once or twice aweek.


    is there anyway of sitting down and talking to her without having an agruement….or if you get on with her mom maybe you could sit and have a chat with her, maybe try and get your friend to see someone about her drinking, but not to be aggressive about it as the door will close and she won’t want to talk…’s a shame really, perhaps there’s a lot going on in her head and she doesn’t know how else to deal with it…..deffo try and sit down and talk to her….


    she wont listen to anyone anyone that trys to talk to her she say my house my life my business. not one of us can through to her.


    Thats scary. She must be in a lot of pain if she is doing this. could it be a cry for help or maybe on a self destructive button.


    she doesnt listen to anyone and she wont talk to anyone. dont now wat were gonna do she has a daughter to think about.


    Thats such a tough situation and you would need to thread very carefully. If there is anyway of telling her that she needs to think of her daughter before social services hear word of it or something like that. Once her family are aware of it that itself is something.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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