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    My wee man is only a week old & is great during the day, but has been up every night since he was born ROARING, squirming etc! I got about two hours sleep last night & need to take drastic action (self-preservation demands it).

    Have infacol, colief etc

    Anyone able to recommend an osteopath or have any success with any alternative treatments for this? He is breastfed & 100% healhy in every other way. I suspect it is connected to his digestive system / feeding as pain often seems to be relievd by pooping or breaking wind (up or down!) OR to ‘birth trauma’ (born quickly & heartbeat often racing in labour).

    Would be so grateful for any help.


    Both mine breastfed…. and both were very very colicky…. 🙄 🙁

    The only thing that worked for both….. gripe water….. and also lying baby on bed and slowly and gently putting pressure by holding both knees together, and pressing them up to tummy, holding for a few seconds, maintaining gentle pressure, and repeating as often as needed, ….. this released wind, gave comfort to babs, and kept me sane. DH was the grand master…. worked a treat for us….


    I’d also get in touch with Sunshineorla ….. who does baby massage…. I reckon she could help! 😉


    pookie i too replied on another post…and recommend the same as chewie, that’s gas…..


    I would try Pamela Synge, cranio sacral therapist in Dublin. She is a trained midwife and specializes in babies and pregnant mums and a lot of Colicky babies..

    She has a long waiting list but many times people get in earlier via cancellations…

    Synge, Mrs. Pam
    1 Merrion Square Dublin 2
    t: 01-6616143

    Good luck 😉



    i know a neighbour of mine used a cranio sacral therapist based at the back of la spa therapie in drogheda? she sworeby him and my other friend went after i told her and she also found it brill?? might be more local for u? good luck!


    Right, will head over the border for the gripe water.
    Have contacted sunshineorla
    Am also going to try warm baths.
    Am cutting dairy from diet (milk, cheese, yoghurt etc), choc, eggs, bananas & anything like ham from diet for 7 days to see if makes a difference. That’s my diet, not the baby’s! 😆
    Will try & do same with tea – but that might be a step too far.
    Also breastfeed on one boob only until ds3 absolutely finished before on to other boob – something to do with fat content of milk differing….

    Will keep the thread updated & see how things go as might help sme othe mum later

    scole1, will send photo of little spud in cradle when I get him to stay in it!!


    Hi Pookie

    We have a Cranio Sacral Therapists at BodyRight if your interested, it is proven to help with colic.

    I hope you and your little man get relief.



    I know what you’re going throu.

    What helped, was daddy long arms and baby on to the belly against the arm, with legs and arms floating on the side, and long walks in that position.
    Good thing, is after you swap arms (your or daddy’s) no need extra exercice for your arms, you’ll be so strong.
    It’sdead weight on the forearm (not sure of the term, between hand and elbow).

    You combine upper body exercice with walk. Faster you walk happier seams to be the baby.
    Cheaper than gym membership 😆
    And with 4 kids, you won’t have time for the gym anyway….

    It was mainly my husband who did it, he has very long arms, and each time I did it, I stopped too early (from sore arm) and baby was unhappy.

    Good luck.


    I’d also get in touch with Sunshineorla ….. who does baby massage…. I reckon she could help! 😉

    I was going to say baby massage, its brilliant…. raise the head part of the crib, or invest in a peanut shell type thing so baby is up at your chest all the time, very snug and no colic as upright, yet your hands free…. my sisters little fella would roar is he was put lying flat, so she carried him around all day in one, they say its very good for the baby regarding bonding etc

    Susan Cooney

    Homeoeopathy can help colic but would need to see you for a consultation with you and baby if interested phone,0879096424


    Susan is an amazing woman – definitely recommend her for some homeopathic remedies.

    Hope the little guy is settling a bit better for you Pookie and that you are getting some sleep. Take care. x


    Some improvement over last few nights, esp after introducing warm bath before bed. Loves it. Chills entirely. Sometimes different positions help (ie lying on arm, over shoulder, on hip facing outwards…)

    Baby massage lesson next week. Might visit Bodyrightphysio after that & maybe after than homeopathy lady……

    I know what sleep deprivation can do to me & partner. Worth any money to prevent….

    Will update this thread with a few progress reports for future reference of mumstown members….


    Thats good that he is a bit better, whatever works eh!

    It’s good to know Bodyright for physio and homeopathy are options you can try if you need to, good luck. x

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