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    Well when I say anyone I have told my GP and a good friend however we have not told our respective mothers. I have a huge anxiety around this – anyone else felt like this? I know its a bit over the top. G


    Not at all over the top, if you are worried about how someone will react to your news then its natural to keep it quiet as long as possible. When we are pregnant, we want to keep ourselves protected from any negativity, so its not unusual to be wary about certain people & things.

    What about the rest of your families, are they supportive? Do you have a relative, perhaps a sister or sister in law who is nice and can be there when you break the news and be positive about it, and then, hopefully the others will follow her lead and be congratulatory too.

    is there a particular reason you are so worried? If there is something and you feel you can share it, there is a good chance someone on Mumstown has been through it or something similar and can offer some advice.

    Hope you are enjoying your pregnancy. I am 5 months too, my due date 15th August, when is yours?

    Take care.


    Its really up to you how comfortable you are telling people but as your probably starting to notice it can be harder to hide the pregnancy physically. Agree with Sabbi if there are particular reasons you are worried here’s as good a place as any to air them and maybe get some good support/answers or whatever else you may need at this time.


    I know when i was pregnant on my ds1 i didnt tell many people, i was at my sisters house and someone asked why i wasnt drinking, my sister said "oh she is 22 weeks pregnant and doesnt tell anyone" When i was 7 months pregnant my FIL died and it was only at his funeral that all my old friends and neighbours found out i was pregnant, i just didnt want to tell people i dont know why…. anyone close to me knew but outside my circle i didnt want anyone knowing


    i had to get my best friends mum to tell my mother my mum was going on for weeks saying she doesnt want anymore grand children for a while i was 18 nearly 19 at the time but she took it well my daughter is now nearly 5 now and is spoiled rotten she gets anything she wants off her nanna and granddad.


    Hi im 8 weeks pregnant with my first child,i really want to tell my sister as she has had a child in the last 6 months & I feel she probably knows the answers to some of the many questions going around in my head ,but im nervous that if i tell her before my 12 weeks scan that something will go wrong…..i probably sound mental!!.i just really want this pregnancy to go well as have wanted children for a long time,any advice?…

    also can i eat philadelphia cheese?!…i know your not meant to eat soft cheeses but im not sure is philadelphia included in that,thanks in advance to anyone who responds


    Firstly big congrats Brenda on your pregnancy, nothing like your first pregnancy so savour every moment.
    Yes you can eat philadelphia cheese, the only cheese you cant eat is unpasturised cheeses or milks

    If you have questions ask away, im sure someone on here will have the answer, but i will HIGHLY recommend a book, its like the bible of pregnancy, if goes through the pregnancy almost day by day and when you read your week you feel sooo normal as you going through it. It also lists EVERY possible complaint that can happen in a pregnancy, it give facts…. its called WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN EXPECTING…
    Didnt know they had a website, found this when looking for the book … -page.aspx


    hi, thanks for replying, i got that book last week and am finding it very useful,im being really strict with myself & only reading as far as i am so i havent gone further than the 8 weeks ( i think im scared ill jinx myself or something,ill blame it on the crazy pregnancy hormones!)

    Have been suffering really bad with morning,afternoon & evening sickness!!!…..any tips for that,i have water crackers,is there anything else that might help?


    For sickness, best advice eat very very often and very very little.
    You’ll find some food will suit you some won’t. For example many will find ginger nuts biscuit will help, for me made it worse and example are endless.
    Make sure you drink enough, then don’t worry too much about balance diet if it makes you sick. Your body can cope with less veg for a while, or less meat if it makes you sick.
    And as soon as you can eat again, go back on track.
    For me I had to have A bite into white sliced bread to feel better, 2 made me sick, like everything else.
    Listen to your body, and don’t think about what can happen, enjoy it and even the bad times (sickness, heartburn) it’s only few months (max 9!) and it worth it at the end.



    Sorry never had any sickness on my pregnancies but i did hear alot say Ginger nut biscuits… Aldi ones are yummy!

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