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    on now at 9.00pm wed…hope people get to watch it i’d say it will be repeated


    Scary! 😯


    i know it’s madto think how serious it can get and the 18 yr old who died from it after getting sick on holidays..

    we were in portugal recently and there was no mention about swine flu….and no precautions either, i was sick going out cough and snotty nose and when i was coughing in the pool i was getting looks, i laughed said seriously i don’t have the swine flu…


    I think it was very good, it cleared up a few questions I had.

    I have made up my mind if anyone in this house gets swine flu (please God we wont) I wont allow then to give tamiflu, think better off without it.

    I was thinking of not getting the vaccine I have been looking into it over the past month, what they didnt say in any of the reports tonight is that the vaccine contains Mercury, in the USA they have two one with mercury and one without…. but over here we will only get the one with mercury, so If I was pregnant I’d really really look into it more, not 100% sure of the mercury levels in it and what is deemed safe (wouldnt eat tuna the week you get it to keep levels down lol)

    BUT….. after looking at the show I would get the vaccine for the boys

    Dont forget that is worst case and most people who get swine flu it will be mild its the odd few who get it and it affects them in a sevre wya


    i saw a bit of the prograamme and also something on afternoon show the other day. i am really really unsure about the vaccinne . i wiuld be considered in the risk category being a healthcare worker and also being pregnant. i too am concerned about the mercury in the vaccine and afraid of doing the baby harm. on the other hand im afraid if i dont get the jab and get bad dose of swineflu that will also be risky. what does anyone else think?????


    It is really hard to know what to do. Like you Sinprey I’m pregnant and don’t want to take an unneccessary risk. I have heard from some medics (not my own doctor) that unless you would normally take the flu vaccine why would you take the one for swine flu.As its not been tested on humans I think the bottom line is that no-one really knows enough to say 100% yes take it and there will be no side effects. I think a lot will be left up to ourselves. 😕


    Sinprey I didnt know you were pregnant 😯 A huge congrats to you 😀 😀 😀 😀

    I dont know its a tricky one, would like to know what levels are in the vaccine…. would it be just like eating a few cans of tuna?


    I don’t know either what to do, what to think.

    I went to see my gp and talked about my son (nearly 4) who got very very sick last winter (very very severe pneumonia, had surgery to clear his lungs).
    He got the all clear from hospital last year, but still I’m worried (it’s a mum thing).

    He did not advise about any flu vaccine for him, didn’t tell me why (did not really asked).
    But because his lungs I ask him about pneumoccocial injection. They do it for younger kids (under 2 I think), but he agrees with me and he had it done.

    My dd did not get it as she’s older and in good health.

    I often talk to my french pharmacist, and he’s torm appart about the flu vaccine. At first he said that my ds should get it, now he’s not so sure.
    He’s the one who told me about pneumoccocal, and he’s glad it’s done. He would have send it to me from France…..

    But all cases are different, so don’t all rush to your gp for pneumo vaccine as it’s not the solution, and IT’S IN NO WAY related to any flu.

    Just if you can stay healthy then your body will be more able to fight any flu.

    The swine flu spreads more rapidly than normal flu but it’s LESS lethal (so far).
    No one ever panicked that much about seasonnal (normal) flu, so we should be concern yes, but no need to panick.

    I couldn’t see the programm on TV, I regret that.
    If someone could post the link to watch it online.

    Thank you,

    once again my post is very long 😆
    I’ll try to be shorter next time.


    Swine flu and pregnancy don’t have a clue what to do.
    In the maternity hosp they might be able to tell you the different points of vue to help you choose.

    Congrats to all pregnant women!


    thanks taylor 🙂 sur i havnt bumped into you in ages.

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