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    I have to say, I really like Alesha Dixon. She’s smart, sexy, sassy and a great singer and dancer but I just don’t think she should have replaced Arlene as a judge on Strictly.

    Arlene was a very experienced woman who knew how to give real constructive feedback to the dancers and Alesha cannot do that. It seems silly to remove someone who is qualified and replace them with someone who, although shes lovely, is not a professional dancer or choreographer

    Wonder why did the BBC give Arlene the chop? With Alesha, are they trying to do for Strictly what Cheryl did for the X-Factor??

    I don’t know, I love strictly, its so camp and silly but I’m not sure Alesha will last. Just as well her latest single is so good – she’d be much better off on Tops of the pops or MTV….

    what do ye think?


    I didn’t even realise it had started again! MUST set up to record!!!!


    Yup, its on Friday and Saturday nights now….


    dido! i couldnt have said it better myself!
    great minds think alike!

    alesha is talented and a great singer but not as good as arlene for that spot. I love strictly and will miss arlene terribly. it just wont be the same without her!


    yeah i kinda agree, it is nice to see a fresh face but she is not a qualified dancer/choerographer and her comments are too nice and wishy washy!!

    used to love arlenes comments about the men and their bodies hahaha.

    suppose it only the first show, so will give her a chance to get going, which i hope she does…wouldnt like to see what happened to kelly brook on BGT to happen to her, very humiliating.

    ricky is dancing on friday WOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


    I liked Arlene think some of the men could have been given the chop…. think they said they wanted a younger face! Think they are trying to do an xfactor on it how cheryl cole pulled in all the young male viewers


    I like both Arlene and Alesha indivually but really don’t think Alesha should be a judge – it’s a dancing competition and the only experience she has her own time on strictly 2 years ago – listen to her comments they’re very vague
    having said that love strictly and will probably be hooked again 😆


    Ah well, fair play to her, she was much better this weekend wasn’t she? She seemed to come out of her shell a bit and was more comfortable giving advice etc.

    I like her and hope she does well, still think it was wrong they shafted Arlene but if she has to be replaced, I hope Alesha can make a good job of it in her place.

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