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    I was approached by Airtricity in Tesco today, asking me to sign up for their electricity and gas and telling me they can offer great discounts.

    I had a chat with the guy and said I am interested and could he call me tomorrow about it as I did not have the time for a long chat today – he got a bit pushy then and asked me for my details and to sign a document. I said no, I would not sign anything until I had read all about them first, and he pushed me again, saying it would be ‘easier’ for me to sign it today, rather than having to meet him again to sign it. I still said no and I left and came home to read up about it.

    Turns out, if I had signed it, that was an agreement and if I had then changed my mind and cancelled, I would have most likely been charged a 100 euro penalty fee. they charge this when someone leaves or cancels with them

    They do seem to offer good discounts but more so if you use a lot of electricity & gas, so not sure its worth us moving.

    Here is an interesting article I found about it for anyone who is thinking of moving: … -land-grab


    i had the same… i did sign up, but didnt finish the sale as it would have been DD and i didnt have any of my details with me… the girls did ring the next day and i still hadnt taken the time to find the numbers off my bills etc…
    i think 20% off Gas is a HUGE SAVING….. i could so do with that 😆
    Will read up later… but do find them very pushy



    i signed up a few months ago when they came round the door, fella was very nice and i thought id try it… i have my gas and electricity with them now and i find it very cheap, definatley a good bit less than before..

    for example sabbi u know the size of my house and id have the heating on for the last few weeks and for a good bit of time for drying clothes etc and my combined bill for 2 months just came in at 166 euro which i thought was brill… now prob next bill will be the tru test with the cold nights but i can say i find them good..

    also changed my phone from eircom to imagine and saving a fortune!!!! alls good!


    oh thats good… .right so im going to Airtricty, i was just waiting to hear how someone was getting on.

    I was trying to get onto imagine the other night but when i clicked my address in Drogheda, it said they arent in the area yet!!!! Need to move from BT/Vodafone they are doing my head in…. shite slow BB


    be warned 🙂

    we are with them and if you go on a budget bundle which they take into account ur usage the previous year and they calculate a monthly payment that comes out by dd. Then in Feb THIS YEAR any difference on all the months was added onto our bill so if you went over ur payment monthly plans u paid the difference in the feb .. in sayin that ours was only an extra €80 which was brilliant.
    They wanted to then change our Monthly payments to €90 and we said no.. we stayed with €60


    i moved to airtricity and will be leaving them soon 😯 they read my meter wrong at changeover and i was charged for 2000 units that i had already paid for with my previous supplier…. rang them 4 times to get it sorted 🙄 🙄


    No probs here with airtricity, significant savings, 20%+.

    Also now with Flogas for gas, much cheaper too.

    DH qual accountant in former life, gets all info and spreadsheets every possible combination and permutation out to the max to ensure we r with cheapest provider for EVERYTHING, bless him, it’s one of his "things"…



    might be worth ringing imagine, i saw them in the lawrence centre a while back and asked about the internet but was told it wasnt in our area so i filled in a card to contact me when it was.. a couple of weeks later they called to say the wiimax broadband wasnt here but normal broadband was, so they offered me a deal for 50 euro a month and it includes all landline and mobile numbers, which is great coz im always onto scottish mobiles!! and unlimited internet usage.. been with them at least 4 months now and no prob at all!!!


    im with airtricity and flogas too and no problems here.


    We are with Airtricity – big savings on our bill

    As for willmax – did sign up about 2 months – promisedearth, moon, stars nothing …
    Came and told me have outside box needed an inside box and would have to be wired…. took ages

    In the end i just cancelled – every week different problem

    With Pure – now


    Hjs your say your with Airtricty and Flogas…. why didnt you got for Airtricty for both Gas and Electricty? Just asking as you said you dh checked it all out

    Im with flogas and bord gais for my electricty……. really thinking of Airtricty

    Almae is that 60 per month for electricty alone or both electric and gas????



    dunno y but for our usage he plugs all details into spreadsheet and comes out with those solutions.

    I’d say it due to the deals he got with the companies at the time he switched to them combined with our usage – each household usage and time joined provider will determine best deal I suppose


    im going to go through the rates per unit later this week


    We are with flogas and airtricity no problems there 😀 We are with 3 for broadband and were strongly thinking to moving to wiimax – we dont have a landline just the broadband on a stick


    I find the airtricity people wayyyy to pushy for my liking.

    Shall stick with esb and bord gais as my bills aint that high anyway and mainly in credit so im happy.
    with 3 for bb too and they are grand, it’ll do me.

    Its funny how people were so crazy for competition in these areas yet some are afraid to change…….we just cant be pleased can we hahaha

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