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    I’ve been interested in switching so I spoke with them when they had a stand in Tesco and they were so pushy. I gave them some of my details and then they asked for my bank details – in a supermarket. Said no way, they could call me at home another day but they did not follow up. I would be apprehensive giving my bank details like that too.

    Do not like pushy sales people, turns me off!!


    ok we have all had people calling to doors to collect etc etc for something, but what about those who represent companies….

    question i recently had a man come to the door with airtricity, looking for me to change, i’ve been thinking of changing but, one thing turns me right off is giving my bank details etc etc to a stranger at the door…i told him i didn’t have bank details then and there, as wanted to pay in post office, he said that they need your bank details as a back up(?) and then said ah sure text me the details….eh hello they are my bank details and noway…so i told him would think about it…. i know when flogas called the guy said i just read the meter, take your details then you contact the office with your bank details i don’t take them now for security reasons…so i wonder am i now beginning to be paranoid since the last hoax caller to the door…

    has anyone signed up by people calling to their door or phoned in details instead….

    also has anyone changed and what do they think is it a better deal???


    i changed to airtricity and i changed back to bord gais … my bills where all over the place …. i found the sales guy very pushy


    yeah he was a little alright wasn’t happy that iwasn’t signing then and there….rang a neighbour she said he was the same with her so sent the hubby out told him too close to christmas see ya later


    looks like they seem to be pushy all round…perhaps will leave it then….


    The guy called for Airtricity last week , i changed over my gas – they already had my bank details from my electrictiy bill

    They have a great offer on at the moment 20% of Gas and 6% electricty – i will be glad of the 20% of gas – with the big winter bill

    Why not ring in your details

    When we were filling in the details the other night – he rang his boss who came and took our form its a new policy so they are not carrying forms from one house to next…. i was very impressed with the whole set up….

    Sales people regardless of what they are selling are very pushy people…


    I was thinking of changing over for months now, i did come across the guys in tesco but dont like a hard sell or bank details in the store.

    Scole the day i seen you at the tsb i was sign up with a lovely girl outside, she was from Rathfarnham and not pushyat all, so she got my sale….. did the 20 and 6% savings. She took my details and then called me back later that evening, i couldnt take the call at the time so she gave me her personal number to ring when it suited me.

    Havent had a bill yet…. not much in the difference in the gas prices between Flogas and airtricty, but if you using alot it all adds up.
    It is well worth getting over the fear of handing over your details to offical staff from companies…… but its not easy!


    my bills are normally between 800 and 1000 euro – i am a dairy farmer- got my first bill for 1500 😆 😆 nearly died. rang them they had put in the wrong meter reading at change over , ended up i paid 687 euro….. then the next bill i got was for 156 euro wtf their billing system is crap , i prefer to pay what i owe when i owe it and not when they figure out their mistake


    i remember you saying that, i went online and my readings online are correct to what i gave them…. will keep you posted on how my first bill goes


    I signed up to it got one bill so far and it was ok, Hope they continue with it


    For anyone considering the switch, be careful and read the small print.
    If a direct debit payment is not made they will cut you off.
    At least with Bord Gais and ESB they give a chance to get your account back in order.

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