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    AIMS Ireland has recently had queries as to what we are and the work we do. As a result, AIMS has written this short informal piece about who we are, how we started, and the work we’ve done thus far.

    Any queries or if you would like to become involved with AIMS Ireland please email:


    AIMS Ireland stands for the Association for Improvements in the Maternity Services – our goal is to highlight areas of concern and implement changes in maternity related areas – pregnancy, labour/birth and post natal period. This is a huge area with many issues that need addressing.

    AIMS Ireland was formed last May – so we are 6 months in. It consists of 4 board members and a handful of representatives volunteering their time. All mothers. AIMS members currently are an equal mix of consumers and maternity care professionals – mostly midwives and student midwives.

    AIMS has been working incredibly hard on many issues the past 6 months. AIMS is not just a campaign pressure group, but is an organisation which provides information, research and support services to women effected by issues in maternity care.

    We have many ongoing projects; the birthing partner issue being just one.

    AIMS Ireland has 3 key goals for this year:

    Health, Safety & Hygiene
    Better hygiene standards: In the 2006 Hospitals Hygiene Audit only 1 hospital offering maternity services ranked in the “goodâ€


    What a wonderful campaign, so so needed. I have only just found this as i dont tend to go into this forum very often…..but i have seen so lots of posts but never realised just what Aims was all about…..its great to see an active group working for changes and giving support……


    Anything I can do to help, then I am very happy to help!!

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