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    Upcoming Meetings:A chance to have your say!

    AIMSI Northeast – Tues June 3rd , City North Hotel (just off M1), 8:30pm – Babies welcome! This regional group covers Home Birth for North Dublin, Meath, Louth and Cavan and Maternity Units of OLOL Drogheda, Cavan, and Rotunda Hospital. Topics of interest will be the implementation process of Rotunda Consumer Group as well as feedback from the OLOL and Cavan Groups.

    Cavan General Consumer Group – June 10th, Cavan General Conference room at 8:30pm.

    Our Lady of Lourdes, Drogheda – Birth Matters Consumer Group. Wed June 18th at 8:30pm. Room 109

    Birth Healing Workshop – May 10, 2008

    AIMS Ireland sponsored a Birth Healing workshop on May 10th of last month. The aim of the workshop was to offer women who had experienced birth trauma a safe place to discuss their experiences and to offer women the tools to begin processing and healing from their trauma. AIMSI would like to thank facilitators ,Anne Gill and Tricia Mc Donnell, Psychotherapists, and the women who participated. AIMSI received very positive feedback from the Workshop participants.

    AIMSI has had numerous women contact us in regards to future workshops of this kind and have requested to be on a wait list. AIMSI have offered these women referrals and have begun raising funds in order to sponsor another Birth Healing workshop in the near future.

    Flora Mini Marathon – AIMS Ireland

    Louise McCann and Jene Kelly have registered to participate in the 2008 Fora Mini Marathon in order to raise funds for AIMS Ireland. All sponsorship will go towards Birth Healing Workshops.

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