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    I loved Anti-Gravity yoga when I did it, felt stretched and a bit taller at the end of it. Not only is it a great workout, its fun too and you leave with an amazing sense of achievement having done the moves.

    How are ye getting on with it??


    Cant wait to give it a try all i heard was good reports, there was a piece in the Drogheda Leader today

    Mark Acu

    I did the class on wed night and loved it. Mind you I am almost typing this with my nose as my arms are still in bits. 😕 😕 All good though, as it highlighted how unfit I have become.

    I was really looking forward to the class and it was way better than what I thought it would be. The term Mind Body training has been banded about a lot lately and many forms of exercise claim to have it but this it the ultimate in my opinion. Through my fitness background I have tried many many types of new classes but this has me hooked.

    I wonder how long it will take to get to this level though

    Think it might be a weeeee bit longer than a few weeks. 🙄 🙄



    Wow isnt she just brilliant? She makes it look effortless….. not to mention the 3 girls who are hanging upside down for the whole song!!!


    wow wud love to that 😀 😀 😀

    dh works shifts so its kinda hard to commit myself to anything at the mo, can u pay & go or do u have to pay for a course, that looks like soo much fun to do!!


    God im a sap!!!!! I swear something not right with my brain the last week or so…. spent 10mins looking for ds lunch box this am only to find it in the fridge, i’d made the lunch last night to save time…. the 10 min search cancelled that out 🙄
    Went looking for a fork i had, dh asked what you looking for…. only to be told i had it in my hand 😳 😳 😳
    Did the same with my glasses, ds told me mammy your wearing them!!!!

    Starting to worry!!!!

    Why didnt i book the AGY on Friday evenings????? Dh doesnt work on Fridays!!!!! Im a feckin idiot! Think i need a holiday


    Fancied doing this but get very very very dizzy if I go upside down at all, and after reading the thread would this not be suitable for me?


    HMM – you should go down and give it a try, laura is very good at helping people find the right class for them. I am not a fan of being upside down or spinning etc but it did not bother me at all in this class, was not upside down for long, its more about moving in the hammock and stretching.

    Ask Laura for advice, she will advise you.


    being upside down or spinning


    just thinking of that makes me sick.

    Laura what do you think…don’t want to feel like getting and excersise ( can’t even spell it lol) are not friends at the best of times 😆


    hi Guys,

    Mark..the 3 girls spinning on the video with Pink are part of the antigravity performance group..pure gymnasts!! but the good news is that all the moves they do, you will be able to do them in the next few months!!

    Blondie, we dont offer Antigravity yoga as pay as you go, however we are very flexible with the classes as we understand people work shift, get sick, have no babysitter, etc…and as long as we get notice, you are able to attend a different class to make it up…we have 15 per week so im sure you would be able to attend a different one.

    Regarding the dizziness, a lot of people experience this, and being light headed…but it goes away after a couple of sessions… your body is not used to being upside down so it simply needs to adjust to it..and that feeling will go away…but believe me, it feels so amazing on your back…you feel like you are after growing a couple of walk straighter, taller,more confident and it is so so good for your self steem… did you know that in many countries hanging upside down is used to treat depression?… currently there are a few studies going on in the States with Antigravity yoga and depression…so hopefully they’ll be finish soon so we can get the results!!

    And if many mumstown members are interested, we could offer an antigravity yoga class specially for mumstown at a discount rate. Places are limited to 20 and we would need 15 for the class to go ahead.

    If interested please pm. 🙂


    I’ve been doing the AGY for the past two weeks and its been sensational.

    I’ve never known a workout that I laughed or smiled so much. I’ve also never known a class like this, its very hard to explain but stunningly brilliant.

    Laura and the trainers are excellent, they make you feel very comfortable, some of the moves you see initially look a bit hard but once you’re suspended they’re actually quite handy to do.

    It surprised me how many different muscles they get you to exercise, the moves you do and the positions you get yourself into.
    The end of the class is a great feeling, you get a real sense of achievement.

    The only thing I could say is try it yourself, click on Laura’s Labfitness advert on the right hand side of the site for more details.

    Looking forward to next Tuesday night already!


    Admin i told you last year about how you get such a fun workout in labfitness, it just makes working out so easy, only time i’d run out of the house to exercise and look forward to going…. if you havent been, pop in for a visit, you will love it….

    im going to sign up for the next agy course…..


    Taylor i just put up something on ask the expert about running an antigravity yoga class exclusively for mumstown members at a reduce rate….


    i’d be intrested in the Sunday class…not 100% at the moment will let you know and book my place tomorrow

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