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    Have lived here for several years (first floor apartment0 & to my absolute horror when I opened one of the food cupboards this morning it was literally crawling in ants.I have thrown out all open food as even though I always fold over food packages,put an elastic band around them & then put them in a bag,i had a fear that as they are so tiny that they could have made it into the food.

    I feel so itchy….I have bleached the kitchen from top to bottom & went & bought ant stop traps… there anything else i can do?


    Get some plastic tubs for your food. The traps appears to be the way to go – you cannot really put anything out in your food cupboard. Any idea where they are getting in? If you could block that or put some sort of powder at the entrance – then kill off the ones inside.


    supposedly this ant trap I put down has stuff in it that ants really like & they then bring it back to their nest & it kills them all off-feel a bit like a mass murderer but i really cant live with them in my kitchen!

    Am thinking they might have got in behind the kitchen sink,thats where i have put the trap.I have text the guy that lives below us to see if he has problem aswell.

    Yep think i will have to invest in more food tubs asap.


    there is red bottle of polish spray that you can get raid for ants and cockroaches you can spray on everythingwe had the same problem when we came from holidays last year.


    I was sorting out the food cupboards today & i had a jar of nutella in my hand & then i looked down & saw an ant on it. i dont know what came over me but i ended up dropping the jar on the kitcehn floor only to see glass & nutella go everywhere…that was fun to clean up!

    Apart from that one ant,i havent seen anymore,so i am hoping that the trap is doing its job.


    They have loads of Ant traps and killer in Aldi on offer

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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