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    I am the owner, founder, designer, and general dogsbody at Stork Baby Prints. I produced these four adorable prints from my original paintings and finished them off with a quality cream mount – two designs for a boy – Rocket or Sail Boat and two for a girl – Flower or Butterfly. Each print can be personalised with the baby’s name, date, time, weight and place of birth. And there’s room inside for a personal message. Stork Baby Prints fit a standard 10" x 8" picture frame which you can pick up in a pharmacy, supermarket or just about anywhere. These prints are affordable and are inexpensive to post. I have many satisfied customers and have sent Stork Baby Prints as far afield as New Zealand, Australia, the USA, The Netherlands and The UK – but most of my happy customers are right here in Ireland. Please contact me if you’d like to look at them – or you can follow me to facebook where they can be found under[/color] Stork Baby-Prints – make sure you include the hyphen between baby and prints. Thanks so much for looking!

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