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    My Dad had to go to A&E yesterday, he has a stent in his heart and his blood pressure was very high so his doctor sent him straight in away because he was worried about his heart. he has had a heart attack before so he has to be careful.

    I brought him in at 11.30pm and at 10pm last night, he was still sitting in the waiting area. They eventually gave him a spray for under his tongue and sent him home with strict instructions to ‘come back immediately’ if he doesn’t feel any better.

    I am so worried about him, he looks absolutely dreadful and is feeling awful but not sure what else we can do.

    My poor Dad, sitting on a hard chair for 10.5 hours definitely didn’t help him at all.

    I despair of our health system in this country 🙁


    Oh gosh Sabbi that’s very worrying.
    How is your dad now?


    He’s doing ok. He had an ‘episode’ like a minor heart attack but he’s doing ok. He’s home and resting and is on meds to keep his heart from going too fast. He has a spray for under his tongue if he feels bad again and if that doesn’t work – back to A&E

    He looked very ill last week but every day he is looking a little bit better.

    fingers crossed he will be back to himself soon.

    thanks for asking. x


    Good hope hes well on the mend now


    Nope, he’s not himself at all

    He is going dolally we think. He is normally a cheerful man, he stops and talks to everyone on the street and everyone knows him because he used to be a postman but in the past few weeks, he thinks people are either blanking him or talking about him behind his back,

    he heard someone making a joke about him in a bar a few weeks ago – it was just a bunch of lads trying to be funny but my Dad took it seriously and thinks people are talking about him. we explained it was just a stupid (not funny) joke but he won’t hear us. He says someone is out to destroy his reputation. He says good friends of his aren’t talking to him. Its so weird, this is not like him at all.

    he is confused, upset and very paranoid

    I insisted he go back to his GP to be checked and he went (only because I literally begged him to because we are all so worried about him) and he saw the doc this week and he claims the doc laughed at him and didn’t take him seriously at all. we have the same GP and I cannot imagine he laughed at my Dad.

    everything is messed up right now – My Dad won’t go into the shops, library, pub, bookies – he just stays at home now. This is so not like him and we don’t know what to do.

    Its like his personality has changed and we don’t know why. He is anxious, upset and worried and honestly, we think he’s worried about nothing and when we try to explain that to him he says we don’t understand.

    not sure what to do now????

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