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    i’m looking for advice on how 2 encourage my 11mth old to drink mayb juice r water she only likes her formula. ive tried different flavours and giving it in bottle and sippy cups not really interested.

    any tips?

    also she has just gone off her night time bottle not eating more feed r waking in night is this bout the time that she should be stopping having a bed time bottle.



    Have you tried a sippy cup with a lid? Maybe if you let her pick one with a colour or cartoon character she likes that might work? They have some nice ones in Tesco….

    Good luck!


    I did find, through trial and error, with my own that the biggest change was going from nice warm formla to cold juice/water. I made the juice drink a little warmer by putting in warmer water and they drank it fine. Gradually, as they got older go onto colder drinks. But suppose it did make sense if they had never really tried cold drinks they could be a bit wary of the cold sensation.

    Might help.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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