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    What a greater gift could be for our loved ones than specially for them hand knitted clothes? Not senseless machines doing the job but soft caring hands. I am sure children feel the difference!

    Our wonderful selection of hand-knitted clothes are made from a selection of soft Natural Fibers only that are suitable for babies and small children.

    Whether buying for your own child , or as a gift , you can be sure that no-one else will be wearing an identical garment.

    Hand-knitted Baby Clothes available in size s0-6months.We do offer a bespoke service in all sizes too.
    Low prices for the best quality knits!

    Please e-mail me to for more information.

    I am a mother myself of my little princess . I love to dress her up in hand-knitted clothes . It is so dear to my heart and it looks so fabulous ! My daughter feels really comfortable in it as well . I decided to start my own hand-knitted clothes business because of lack of high quality knits with reasonable prices . I hope it is more mums out there who loves hand knits as well !


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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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