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    hi i went threw 7 buggies is any body else the same


    so far i have only bought one buggy, but have had 8 since my 3 were born, thats what you get with loads of relations 🙄


    Eh NO!!! Are you mad 7 buggies 😆 😆 😆 😆
    I have had 2, one a travel system one but it got to heavy to push after a few months, so I got a lightweight MacClaren one
    I wont be buying a new one for the new baby, they will have to do


    none of them were good anough am on my 7th now its seem to be good heve it this 6 months


    I couldnt recommend MacLaren buggies enough, I got it for my ds nearly 2 years ago and its like new. It hasnt had its summer wash (need to be line dried) so other then a bit grubby its a great buggy.
    Oh, my ds is over 3stone and the buggy is still going well


    Another Buggy Addict here. I have three at the moment for one DD! LOL. I have two maclarren umbrella folds, one black/pink and one really light purple one and I just got a Bebe Comfort Loola too which is a fab comfy buggy but yet folds up quite compact.

    Mind you, I bought them all 2nd hand and in immaculate condition!!!

    Think I may be developing an addiction for buggy liners now too! Oh and baby slings.

    Since having DS, who is now over 5, I have had 9 buggies! OMG, never counted them before, ooops!

    I may have a problem. Maybe I need some sort of counselling 😕 Hmmm. LOL


    OMG 9 buggies 😯 😯 😯 😯

    Sorry cant see the point, you can only use one buggy at at time, to me its a total waste of money


    that’d be a waste in my opinion too.
    i only bought one then got given a maclaren one when dd was bigger… it does us fine even though it’s a bit shabby at this stage… l is the 4th kid to use it!!


    In fairness I didn’t have 9 at the same time!!! I sold them on, gave them away or passed them on.


    My ds is only 9 months, so i can’t really talk yet but i’ve only bought one travel system so far, an icandy Cherry & i love it. Still think it is as great as the day i bought it.

    I also now have an MacLaren umbrella fold for the holidays, but that was given too me.

    I can understand how you can addicted though as i still look at them all the time. If i’m in a buggy shop, don’t know why but i like to look at them, the colours & check out the different little things they do etc. A bit weird i know.


    I think I just get fed up with the same one. I don’t go out buying expensive buggies or anything, like I said99% of my buggies have been 2nd hand ones.

    My favourite is the latest one, the Bebe Comfort Loola, very comfy for DD to take a nap in and the Maclaren is fab for a shopping buggy as its so light and easy to fold. The 2nd umb one is only when we are going out for the day and may be walking a lot as DS, who I know is technically too old for a buggy, still gets tired and likes to hop in and out for a quick re boost, lol.

    I really only use two.


    God, women you have all lost the plot 😆 😆 😆
    I bought two, the first one did me for over two years, but then eventually the wheels began to give in with the weight of 2. Paid €250 for it, great value, Graco side by side. I then bought a Twin three wheeler on Ebay, was great for getting up and down to town and was slightly narrower than my previous so i could get in more places. Only used this for a couple of months, pushing 4 stone worth of kids, not to mention the basket full with shopping, back couldnt take it. Glad to say this went to family friends who had twins also.
    In saying your mad, i was in Smyths yesterday afternoon, and i can never go past the pram section to have a look at how things have changed over the last 5 years, answer is they havent, they still have the same 2 twin prams albeit with extra pockets and gadgets.


    i think i’ll have to get a cheap twin buggy soon i don’t think my one will last much longer 🙄
    i like looking at all the new buggies but i can’t afford a new fancy one


    joey … take a look on Magicmum, there is a buggies for sale thread, some good bargains, also try rollercoaster.

    Just make sure to get photos first esp close ups and always say if you arrange to buy that you will buy on condition that it is in IRL as it is advertised.


    ok will check those out..thanks

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