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    Just wanted to ask what are the differences between reflexology and acupuncture?

    I have has 2 MC in the past 6 months and want to start trying again. I am giving myself this month off and want to start trying next month. Which therapy would give best results in regulating hormones etc to (hopefully) achieve a successful pregnancy??

    Many thanks.


    I’m not sure of the differences but I can share what I think about my feelings on both.

    I’ve had reflexology when heavily pregnant and found it brilliant, it really calmed me down, helped me sleep and brought down the swelling on my feet. I loved it and had it regularly, especially towards the end of my pregnancy.

    This summer I had a miscarriage and have been feeling rubbish since it happened. My cycle has been all over the place with my period coming every 3 weeks and sometimes even a bit less than that. It has left me feeling exhausted and depleted.

    In the past few weeks I have been attending acupuncture for the first time and it has been great for me. It was recommended to me by another mum who lost a baby this year and she said it helped her a lot and she looks much better now too, so I thought I would give it a shot.

    I did not know what to expect but it was wonderful. The first hour I just got to talk about how I felt and what I had been through and how I am coping with our loss (that in itself was very thereuputic) and then, I got on the bed and there was a lovely electric blanket to warm me up and a heat lamp over me to keep me warm when the pins went in.

    I hardly felt them go in at all and it did not hurt. I was left there for a few minutes and with the warm bed and relaxing smells and music I almost fell asleep.

    I feel calmer, am sleeping better, my appetite is coming back to normal and am hoping my cycle will return to some sort of normality soon too.

    I needed something after this miscarriage, it was our second baby we lost and I’ve been feeling sad and out of sorts since it happened.

    If I get pregnant again I will definitely try acupuncture for that too. I know lots of mum-to-be who say it is brilliant for that too.

    I went to Mark Bell, he is the acupuncture expert on Mumstown and he was very gentle and lovely. Highly recommend.

    Mark Acu

    Hi Foxychick, firstly let me say that I am sorry that you have had such a rough time in the last six months it cant have been easy for you.

    Sabbi thank you for your comments and hope its working well for you still.

    In relation to which is better I don’t really want to get into a debate on it so I will explain how Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine looks at the issue.

    Chinese medicine has a wonderful understanding as to how the body works as one whole unit mentally and physically. Given what you have been through in the last six months form a Chinese aspect you have been through an awful lot mentally and physically.

    As I have mentioned in previous posts the literal translation of the womb from Chinese to English is child’s palace. Your menstrual cycle is a reflection is a of the condition of the palace. Whether its too hot, dry, damp etc. As Chinese medicine is observational you can observe the details yourself and through treatment see the changes happen within one or two cycles. Your body likes to work on a regular rhythm. For you the last six months has disrupted this rhythm.

    During the consultation and treatment I would ask about many things, sleep, diet, stress, aches and pains, to name a few in order to build up a clear picture of how the rhythm of the body is working. I would be placing a large aspect of the treatment on how you are mentally feeling as this affects hormones quite a bit. You asked can Acupuncture alter hormones and the answer is yes. Through helping the body return to natural rhythm it alters them.

    Please feel free to ask or call me with any further questions you may have and also have a look on my web site where I have some testimonials of other ladies who came to me with similar situations

    Take care

    Mark Bell


    I can wholeheartedly recommend Mark, I feel much better over the past week or two and as I am very new to acupuncture I assumed all acupuncturists worked the same way – but I found out today that is not the case ❗ ❗

    Just this morning I was speaking with a lovely girl who sadly had a miscarriage recently and she has been going for acupuncture too. We were discussing the benefits of the treatments and I mentioned how much I enjoy the electric blanket under me, heat lamp over me and silk blanket wrapped around my feet while I am laying there relaxing during the treatment and she was surprised to hear me say all that, as her acupuncturist does not do any of those things.

    The heat; comfort of the silk on my feet, relaxing music and aromas all add to the experience for me and its only since I actually went myself that I understand why so many women have been recommending it.

    If I had not had a miscarriage I probably would not have gone but now if I get pregnant again in the future, I will go during my pregnancy too. Its nice to feel so well looked after for that hour and it helps with sleep and appetite too.

    So the lady I was speaking with this morning is thinking about going to Mark now too, sounds like he goes above and beyond with his treatments.

    Mark Acu

    Hi Sabbi

    Thank you for your very flattering comments. I have a very strong empathy with my clients and I understand it takes a lot to come into see me for many people. I treat a lot of people at very difficult times in their lives. That I look on as a privilege.

    They way I approach any of my treatments is simple:

    Treat people how I would like to be treated

    It drives me insane when you go to a medical professional or a therapist and they don’t explain anything to you. I am like a four year old with them, but why, but why but why. I approach it from the opposite angle, its YOUR treatment YOU are in charge of it. I explain why, what and how I am doing during your treatment. Equally I explain what after care I would like you to do at home and the reasons for it.

    The lamp, electric blanket and the aroma of the room areall very important as it should be a multi sensory experience. I want to help my clients feel as comfortable as possible and safe within my space.

    Only problem is sometimes I can feel the affects of it too……. yawn
    😀 😀



    Hi all,

    I must say I came across a problem in my pregancy a few weeks back and I got in contact with Mark and I must say he was fantastic.
    I am pregant and it has been a tough one this time round.
    Anyway my veins on my right leg very enlarged had to go to the hospital waited for 5 hrs with a doctors letter they done a blood sent me home saying it could be a clot but then again it might be.Told me to come back on the Monday to which I did and scan was done on my leg.
    In the meantime I contacted my Homeopathy clinic and asked what I could take to reduce the clot and swelling and thank god the clot disappeared.Since then I have been back at the homepathic clinic and it is way down.
    Mark was absolutely brilliant I had contacted him and he went out of his way to help me.
    On the Saturday he even phoned to see how I was doing.
    He provides an excellent service.
    I will be going to Mark in the future and would recommend anyone to go to him he was so helpful to me at that time.
    Thank you Mark.

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