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    Last year after we went through a very difficult miscarriage and D&C, for a long time after, I felt really awful. My period was coming every 2 weeks and I was completely exhausted; physically and emotionally. Went to my doc a few times, she said there was not much we could do but wait for my cycle to return to normal.

    After 3 months had my post D&C check up at hospital and explained to the doc how I was feeling and she recommended anti-depressants, because I said I was sad about losing our baby (who wouldn’t be?) and she said it also might help to get my cycle back on track??? This seemed an unusual recommendation and one I did not think was the solution for me personally, at that time.

    After 4 months of erratic menstrual cycles, I was utterly exhausted and after lots of recommendations, eventually went for some acupuncture. Really did not think it would be my thing but as my doc could not do anything, decided to give it a go.

    Went to Mark Bell, as some other mums I know who have lost babies had been to him and gave great reports about him.

    Was very nervous going the first time, did not know what to expect. Was surprised that he spent so long talking with me and taking a history but in hindsight, that was actually very therapeutic, it was amazing how tense I was and how much anxiety I was holding onto.

    The treatment itself was very relaxing and I actually feel asleep on my second visit. I took all the advice he gave me, like putting a hot water bottle behind me at night when sitting reading or watching TV and reading certain books etc.

    Within 1 month my cycle had returned to normal for the first time since the D&C and a few weeks after that, we found out that we are expecting a baby. I’m not saying it would be the same for everyone, but this was my experience

    We are so excited but also, a bit nervous after our loss last year. Have been tired and sick and have a bump now at 13 weeks so all looks good and hopefully next week, our scan will show our baby is thriving.

    Just want to say thank you to the mums who recommended me to try acupuncture, you were right about it!

    And a very big thank you to Mark Bell for listening to me and for your kindness, understanding and the constructive advice you have been giving me. It has helped enormously so again, thank you.

    Mark Acu


    Thank you for your kind words. I am delighted you are pregnant and know it’s a time which can be a bit scary too. You have done a wonderful job at looking after yourself and working with your body and its needs.

    This is an area I have worked in quite a bit and it is very very common for women to feel as you did coming into the clinic. I strive to ensure anyone coming into me feels they are comfortable and in control of their treatment. It is your body and you know it best. I am there to help you help yourself.

    Enjoy your pregnancy and I look forward to seeing you grow ……. Bumpwise 😀 😀

    Mark Bell


    just as well you added ‘bump wise’ at the end there….. 😆

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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